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gloomhaven organizer go7

It's a work in progress. Go7gaming -Three lids are insanely too tight as noted by others. This is a fantastic solution to keeping your game sorted and easily accessible. 4.7 out of 5 stars 23. Assembled the entire organizer and sorted all the pieces. Gloomhaven is currently on sale for $85 on Amazon Deal of the Day. Note: this solution does require that you open each character box and character mini box to load the character boxes we provide. I have to say it took all weekend to put together, but went together very well, with instructions that weren’t too difficult to figure out. The instructions are crystal clear and comprehensive. I have purchased several game inserts from other companies, but now I’m starting to look at what else Go7Gaming offers. For me, this wasn’t a problem or a surprise, as I’d already read reviews and knew what I was getting into. This video covers all the Gloomhaven organizers of which I was aware when I made it. You need this insert. I have this compact player organizer from Etsy that works pretty well, it takes up less space on the table than laying out cards does. I believe Go7 stands by their products and ensure customers who researches about which inserts are best will look into Go7. My biggest complaint is that in the instructions most of the sheets (plates) arn’t labeled. Well-engineered overall. I can’t conceive of STARTING Gloomhaven let alone PLAYING it without this product. Their covers have a window for the class symbol to be seen, and then have a couple other holes in them as well. Anonymous Really happy with this insert. The other item I was extremely happy with was I messed up a couple of the boxes as I was building it and they mailed out replacement parts immediately for free. The character trays will fit cards in use sleeved and others unsleeved. No, the character boxes do not fit inside our boxes, nor will they fit inside the game box with the other trays if you leave our character trays out. This unit was so close to being perfect if it had just done a little more. Anonymous I don’t know if this manufacturer has a huge advantage over the other ones, however, I’m pretty happy with the finished product. I will agree with a few others that a repackaging sheet would be most helpful on getting things back inside the box. Wood glue (carpenter’s glue) is highly recommended; friction fitting will not be enough due to the lids (pulling a lid off will likely make a friction fitted box/tray fall apart). It’s not a huge deal, but its a bit tacky. Working on putting mine together. I’m thinking I could maybe make a DIY custom vacuum form tray for the game board/books/etc. These character trays have a special character symbol cutout that is … I would have liked the character symbols on the sides of the boxes so you could see which was what inside the box as they are without needing to pull them out and look at the cut out window in the lid that you can see their symbol through. This thing is amazing. What are the extra slots in the character box lids for? Gloomhaven Insert Review: Folded Space, the cheapest insert available ... Go7 Gaming Gloomhaven Insert Review - Duration: 14:50. With the other big brand, parts fit together snugly, so I just used my wood glue from the garage. Character Boxes: You either have to have someone else put all the pieces in these boxes, or you have to reveal them in order to put them away.  The optional top tray creates ~20mm of lid lift. So, looking around I came across this product, studied it, and decided to purchase. To top it off quick shipping and made in the USA!🇺🇸, Michael T. Please try again later. I didn’t realize how long it would take me to put together. Battlestar … Our design philosophy for this custom storage solution for Gloomhaven … As someone shopping for an insert for Gloomhaven, I feel it could be an annoyance not being able to grab the right one. After several reviews I came to the conclusion that this should be the best Gloomhaven insert for me and I am not disappointed. Do I wish the lid was included? (verified owner) – July 31, 2018. Character Boxes: They all fit, and they all have their own spot with matching symbol. Very pricey Is there another video review or maybe a possibility to remake this one that only shows the six starter characters? At least when they are sleeved anyway. Do yourself a favor and get the top try along with this, you’ll wish you had. (verified owner) – March 7, 2018. Anonymous I’m partially sleeving as I go, and everything fits with plenty of room. Some of the lids are a little tight, but as it says in the instructions, put the lids on a few minutes after initial assembly and let everything dry that way, it really did seem to help those tighter lids loosen up to the point where they came away without an extra effort. Incomplete: It seems kind of incomplete.  This anomaly appears to be a quality issue. 2) Start a Microsoft Word template with the Avery 5160 mailing label template (30 labels per page) I have nothing but good things to say about the finished kit.  If you have the larger second edition minis, our tray bottoms are designed to allow the base to pass through up to 2mm so that your tray lid will close. Some people have been saying it’s hard to worknoit how to stack all the boxes back in the big box afterward and want a good but if you go to the pictures at the top of this web page there are two photos that show the layout and make it very easy. Show everythingShow all reviewsShow all videosShow all photosShow helpful positive reviewsShow helpful negative reviewsShow unanswered questions, Jesse L. Broken Token Dephia 2000 Ct Gloomhaven Board Games Card Sleeves Great Fit 1000 Card Sleeves for Standard Cards and 1000 for Mini European Cards 4.5 out of 5 stars 482.  You may not need them ever. (verified owner) – July 7, 2018. Only complaint is small: more small card dividers. I find them a neat addition and they look and stack nice. (2) It will take time to build so have a comfortable seat and plug away on building this behemoth of an organizer. There was a problem completing your request. The product works great. Great product. Gloomhaven. Add to Cart. Gloomhaven is a cooperative game of tactical combat, battling monsters and advancing a player's own individual goals in a persistent and changing world that is ideally played over many game sessions. I was even able to get the character seals off the original boxes and sealed the new boxes with them. The monster standee trays have little wooden “keys” that you can use to help get the standees out of the spots if they get stuck for some reason so you don’t have to go crazy jamming your finger in it to get something out. Go7Gaming’s organizer for Gloomhaven may be one of the more expensive ones, but the quality is solid, the lids are fantastic for those who don’t want to carry their game like a cake, and the instructions are very, very easy. (verified owner) – April 27, 2019.  No need to worry if your tokens are staying put when transporting your game box. And setup time is considerably shorter as well. These are just an optional thing you can use to help clean up glue as you assemble. Pieces fit perfectly with no issues. Nice. Instructions are well laid out. There is no rhyme or reason. Watch And how are supposed to pack the top part? I just transferred it all right away as seeing a glimpse of a name wasn’t that big of a deal to me. Anonymous Christopher B. Let me put it this way. (verified owner) – May 2, 2018. With the individual boxes, you just keep all of that in there and it can’t get lost nor can the items be accidentally sold to more than one character. How much space is left on the top without the GH-002 Top Tray? Overall, a great product, neatly stores all the GH components, quickly helps in scenario setup/teardown, boxes are lidded for convenience, and the design is quite sturdy. This solution was designed to store your map tiles, manuals, map board, player counters, and stickers on top of the trays stored inside the box, which will fill your box to the top. $6.99 shipping. Best storage solution for less than 4 players. This insert is constructed of HDF (wood product) and is natural colored. Pieces broken in the act of kung fu practice are the users responsibility. However, I measured an FFG sleeve I had here on my desk and it is 90 microns thick, not 100 microns. It fits almost everything wonderfully. I really like the insert (better than my BT brand). The only drawback is that, while everything fits in the original Gloomhaven box, I had to look up a separate video on how to put it all in the box together because there were no instructions on how to do it that I saw. This made me sad, I prefer the first edition character cards. This storage solution provides: There's a problem loading this menu right now. I dropped a tray from standing to a tile floor with no damage at all. An upgrade kit will be released this weekend and all purchases past that point will include the updates. Final Thoughts (verified owner) – October 14, 2018. In any case, yes, our solution can handle 100 micron sleeves. I love this storage solution (GH-001) and I highly recommend it to anyone who owns this game!! Wonderful insert that takes a long time to build. They include instructions for how to stack in the box. That’s simply amazing.  This includes the monster trays, the terrain trays, the status tray, the token trays, etc. But this thought shouldn’t detract from a very cool box set. In …  There is no rhyme or reason. I only ran into two cases where I glued in pieces the wrong way, purely due to user error. Originally, I was leaning towards Daedelus. Eric S. It also alows you to just place the thing back in the box quickly and out of the way. (0) I had hoped they could maybe fit inside, or instead of the wood boxes. Anonymous My $0 Gloomhaven organizer So, I'm a grad student which means I have a fairly limited budget for gaming and buying Gloomhaven was basically all of that. Overall I’m very happy with this insert.  If this is a problem, you should consider having a non-Gloomhaven player/spouse/friend fill the character trays for you. You should place your character sheets with your tiles. $87.99. (verified owner) – July 16, 2018. The reason I chose this product over Daedelus was I heard the stain comes off the wood and covers your fingers. (0) Cons: It is unfortunate that the 2nd printing of Gloomhaven has this QC issue. It will take hours to put together and I recommend a friend to help you. Had to tape them back to keep things organized. The Broken Token. Character Boxes: The character boxes are a nice addition that you can use during play. It’s conceivable that I could build the kit in three hours knowing what I now know. It's still a great value when you consider the cost of the sleeves and the organizer … The total weight of the game + insert (including GH-002) came in at 28.5 lbs. The game itself weighs in over 20lbs, and this HDF product adds at least another 10lbs to the box. Rift tokens should be stored in the character box with the Aesther Diviner. My only gripe is that I wish they had shown the symbol for each of the player characters on tray boxes.  These are an amazing touch for an amazing game and are required given how the game exposes more options as you progress; however, if you are willing to spend additional money to buy a storage solution for what is arguably one of the most unique games of the decade, why settle for a wood tray that simply holds cardboard boxes that will wear out over time and through continued use? Cost: Wow, this one is expensive. The only thing I wish they had was that the cardboard character sheet actually slotted into place within the wood when put away. $3.99. Fit: Likely the best overall fit of all the options. Your question might be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who bought this product. One last thing on the character boxes again. You will not be able to store ~4 standee bases in the standee tray. (verified owner) – March 15, 2019. Hats off to the engineers who designed this. It would have been nice if he would have used one of the 6 starting characters instead of characters you unlock later in the game 🙂. The end result looks and functions very good, and really makes setting up the game a breeze. (verified owner) – June 13, 2019. Hey CausticSoda, those videos are for out V1. – Lids are a little tight. If I end up going with this insert, I’ll most likely end up drawing the symbol on the box or printing the symbol on a sticker and attaching it to the box. (We love being able to pack our character away in these neat little boxes). The main selling point for me is that each character class in the game gets it's own wood box where you store it, the ability cards, the mini, that class' modifier deck upgrades etc. The etching was super nice and I can’t wait to get this to the table to start the adventure now that I have the game all sorted out. A must have for gloomhaven. Note: this solution does require that you open each character box and character mini box to load the character boxes we provide (or you can have someone else do it). A little bit is fine, but maybe with more use it will give me a little more wiggle room. The goal of this project is to help organize all the items in gloomhaven to make play smooth, and switching between scenarios rapid. One side note though, showing the character boxes is a major spoiler. I can agree with this request. Tanner C. Organization is done pretty well Also does the smell dissipate after a while ? In addition to the large amount of etching included to simplify and speed game setup, we have provided lids with many of the trays in this solution. by chs4esq Tue Nov 17, 2020 5:01 pm 3: Today 4:58 am by JayJ79. – Its heavy. We are located at Ottawa, Canada. I used the recommended glue (4oz bottle plenty for this task) and have no complaints. This is fantastic. Anonymous Simply put, it was more intuitive. Thanks for getting back to me, given it will be coming to the EU I wanted to be sure. Together this combination is the prime solution. Believe me when I say I went back and forth before settling on this insert, however, I couldn’t be more content with the design combined with all the etched named slots. Everything fits cleanly in the box. Like most of us, I over read reviews and “hemed” and “hawed” over YouTube videos to try and figure out which insert to get. Ultimately, the character boxes and believe it or not the tile key were major selling features for me. Pros: Watch Based on this, I went with the Go7. The packaging alone was extremely impressive, with a very high level of precision and no space wasted. The symbols may be copyrighted, so this suggestion may not be likely to succeed in the future. With the complexity of this organizer and the amount of containers, dry fitting is essential! This kit includes eighteen (18) character storage trays with lids that store each individual character's cards, tokens, minis, and character boards. I knew I wanted to buy an insert for Gloomhaven and after looking through all of the products out there I went with the Go7 Gaming insert. (0) Susan T. Dials: No native spot for the dials. It does its job well, and while I haven’t actually used any of its competitors, I’m happy that this is the insert I went with. Everything is easily laid out and well organized, with the easy to read laser engraving for what goes where. Something wrong with this post? High quality, sturdy, and looks great. If you use thinner sleeves this probably isn’t needed. Cons Answered my email question immediately. Some of the second edition mini bases match the sizes of the first edition and some don’t. (0) Gloomhaven is a cooperative game of tactical combat, battling monsters and advancing a player's own individual goals in a persistent and changing world that is ideally played over many game sessions. Regular price $99.95 Popular Video on Our Youtube Channel. Reviewed in the United States on September 21, 2020. There is just enough labeled dividers to make it usable and well sorted. Fitting premium sleeved cards and the way the insert is made with the covered boxes and such make this my recommendation for anybody wanting an insert for Gloomhaven. Martin L. $44.99. The other small comment I had on the instructions was for a larger label for the plates #-it would be nice on each diagram since some were missing (they are on the thumbnails but tiny tiny font). Sure. (verified owner) – August 19, 2019. Everything is laid out well and the engraving lets me know where everything goes. Anonymous (verified owner) – March 21, 2019. Gaming Trunk is a manufacturer of organizers and accessories for board games. This insert can store sleeved / unsleeved small and large cards (FFG sleeves, etc.). I solved this by cutting out the symbols of the old character boxes and taping them to the top. brian w.  Now you don’t need to struggle! nope – next!”), and the individual class boxes are brilliant! Also being a Marylander I used a crab mallet if something was giving me trouble. I have not looked at those versions that are not available within the states however. Subscribe to our newsletter … This is the insert you have been looking for. Lids: Most of the containers have lids. Once assembled, everything is solid.  This storage solution includes thirty (30) trays. I purchased the tray as well. The character boxes have a cutout where the base rests in the bottom of the tray, so keeping the mini in the box is not an option. Outlines of letters was never going to be particularly clear. $4.99. 3) Use copy/paste (snipping tool) to paste one or two icons in each mailing label slot. -Finally, where are the packing instructions? No major issues yet. Way ahead of Stephen! If you don’t sleeve, or only partly sleeve, then there will be significantly more room for storage.  All marks are the property of their respective owners. Anonymous Setup and take down is so much faster. Love the character box idea and the use of HDF which is a product I like despite its heavy weight.

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