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how to get veronica to open the bunker

These are fairly simple to get inside the first level. Giving either outfit will cause Veronica to get excited. My crews and I normally get the phones every time, but the light at Bunker 11 doesn't turn green. Holding your sand wedge in front of you, turn the face open about 20 degrees, then take your grip. Now in this bunker, you can find an ammo machine and a bunch of other loot (no legendary). After you get all the numbers, you can visit the corresponding phones with your team. I am going to the right bunker before you ask, it's the one with a 100 Lock and it's marked with a tree stump on top. The first number can be found to the right-hand side of the bunker door, when you're facing away from it. It is small-sized, larger than the Egg Bunker, though. The entrances open after the 0:44 second mark on the second red zone shrink cooldown. Bunker 11: Bunker 11 is a special one - it's found in the secluded area north-west of Military Base, but you'll want to read on for info on how to get in. Instead of using the Morse code in the game, you can use the map below to locate them, Once you activate them, the bunker will open up and present the treasures. Veronica tiene 6 empleos en su perfil. Craft the Parasite sedater by asking a specific scientist. So I went to Black Mountain and got one of the Holotapes from the BoS corpses, I go to the Hidden Valley bunker, speak and the passcode doesn't ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ show up as an option. The way I got in was having Veronica as a companion, later on she said she wanted to return to the Brotherhood of Steel. A simple Red Access Card won't suffice. After that you get a quest which goes to the hidden valley bunker. COD: Warzone Bunker Locations And How To Open Them The bunkers are finally opening in Call of Duty: Warzone, and you can get inside with the latest update. From my experience, the phones have been buggy here and there. For Bunker 11, you will need to complete a puzzle. If you really want to get in there, you can use the code "unlock" to open it. In order to get inside this shack (bunker), players will need to input the code 27495810 in order to open its door and get the loot inside. 2. 3. Dwarven Bunker / War Mill Level 1: Doubles the chance for your quest rewards to get a rare or epic Bonus Upgrade, and increases the potency of the upgrade. Once you've located one of the ten bunkers that fill this requirement, then you move onto step number two. It was added in the v0.8.8 Stay classy update. Need the code to unlock the Bunker in the new horror game? "Chapter Thirty-Eight: As Above, So Below" is the third episode of the third season of Riverdale, and the thirty-eighth episode of the series overall.2 It premiered on October 24, 2018. There will be a big open door that will lead you into the bunker. Strangely, the only bunker in Warzone that can’t be opened with a keycard is Bunker 11. The Whitespring Bunker is a bunker located in the Savage Divide area of Appalachia. To open a loot bunker in Apex Legends, you need to head inside. In order to open the bunker doors first with the keypad, you need to find the correct code. In order to access this bunker (vault), players will need to input the code 60274513 in order to open its door and get the loot inside. Once you have a Red Access Card, you’re able to get into any of the game’s bunkers except the elusive Bunker 11. If you get the code wrong, you will get an incorrect noise and it will reset - you will need to start the code again, but the code is still the same. Wait for a bit, an event will pop up. How To Open Bunker 11 In Call Of Duty: Warzone Bunker 11: Located in the northernmost section of the map, northwest of Arklov Peak Military Base. 4. A secret Cold War nuclear bunker which was designed to accommodate 400 politicians underground is about to open to the public. You can't. Alternately you can just head into the bunkers and try them, one with a lot of graffiti on it will have a working intercom. So I finished the dlc talked to Veronica but there were no new dialog choices. If the player has already blown up the Hidden Valley bunker and admits this to Veronica, ... 3 Will Open Hidden Valley Bunker For Player. 1. "If Veronica is your companion, destroying the bunker may set your reputation with the Brotherhood to Vilified, in which case she abandons you as a companion and cannot be recruited again. Bunker 9 is a hidden bunker that Festus led Leo Valdez to. It will not change if you get it wrong. I am trying to get into Mr. House's bunker located at 'The Fort' (also Caeser is dead and I completely wiped out the place and when I searched him and the entire tent I was unable to find the key or any key for the bunker). Some games they work with one click, while others I've had to tap the phones twice to make sure, to which they would work. Deep underground in Corstorphine Hill, four miles from the capital, it served as Sector Operations Centre for co-coordinating RAF fighter jets and protected Scotland from attacks by Russian long-range nuclear bombers until around 1960. If you're planning on winning you need to find and open up a COD Warzone bunker.

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