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hydrangea diseases stems

If you could provide more of a description of what is going on, that would help me give you advice. Hi Christine, I’m sorry that your hydrangea has spots! Thanks Helga! Also, I still use the serenade treatment. What do you think? What causes this? Thank you so much for all the information! That’s a sunken lesion in the bark. Please get in touch, hydrangea disease: black stems, white spots, garden advice & tips|garden pests & diseases|autumn garden|garden ideas|plants|fruit & veg|garden wildlife, RHS has a list of plants resistant and susceptible to honey fungus. Hi There! Maybe drier weather and the spray will work. Any ideas? Are they round circles of one color, or do they have rings around them? Hi Helga! Do you mist it? How about the leaf curl? I planted one in my personal garden and it ended up being fine. I think it’s an insect – the dreaded mealybug. They get morning sun and pm shade. Watering without getting the leaves wet will help to prevent these diseases. However, these grow into reddish brown lesions. That makes me wonder if something else might be going on. For 35% HP, add 1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon to a gallon of water. Will let you know how it goes. Plants are looking much better. Other symptoms associated with this disease include yellowing of leaves, premature leaf loss and stunted growth. It’s a difficult disease to treat, and it’s not your fault that your hydrangeas got infected. I will attach some pictures. What do you think the problem is? Or added ammonium sulfate to turn the flowers blue? Do you have any idea what it is please? Would it be possible to post a picture? Protect against pests and disease by choosing resistant cultivars. Thanks so much, Hello, I wonder if you can help me with my hydrangea. Put the stake in the center, then run twine out around a stem to pull it up but don’t wrap the twine all around the stem – only half way and then bring it back to the stake again. It’s always the ones I have in pots. There is another article on the site about Phytophthora on fruit trees, but it might give some useful background: How to Identify, Prevent, and Treat Collar and Crown Rot in Fruit Trees. If so, let us know in the comments. Hopefully, they can exterminate them! For planting, dig a large hole approximately two feet across and one foot deep. However, this fungus usually produces colored fruiting structures on the infected branches. Hydrangeas do very well for me but then they develop black spots all over the leaves. I’m so happy to hear it, and I’m glad that they are a pleasure for you now instead of a stressor. Hydrangea macrophylla is the most susceptible. Copper works, too, so that was a good choice. There have been some problems with resistance, so it’s a great idea to try a systemic fungicide. Hi Rosemary, I’m so sorry to hear that. I’m so sorry. Cercospora leaf spot is a destructive leaf disease of hydrangea in the landscape and in nurseries. This limpet-like … I hope you can offer some advice concerning my hydrangeas. There are several things you can do if it is anthracnose. I’m not sure what could be causing it. They start out fine but end up covered with these spots by mid-season. We have had an ongoing problem with dieback on certain plants in our yard for years. It is week three of treating my hydrangeas for the fungi and the treatment is working. We bought these Hydrangeas few weeks ago, transplanted them and a week ago or so, they started to look bad. I put my hose at the base of each plant and let it trickle on the root ball for about 30 minutes. Anthracnose can look like that, although the reddish tint makes me wonder about another fungal pathogen called Phoma. I’m also debating Cercospora leaf spot. Aphids do not spread this disease. Thanks Helga, this makes sense as I have lost a rhododendron recently with similar problems. It affects both our oakleaf and mophead hydrangeas, our pawpaws, dogwood, and azaleas. You should not rely on this information to make (or refrain from making) any decisions. I have already experienced one diseased plant from them that I… Read more », Dear Shannon, I’m so sorry that your hydrangeas came with problems! For HP that is 3%, add 1 cup to a gallon of water. You can also treat this disease with liquid kelp, garlic oil, hydrogen peroxide, or compost tea. It’s a pretty nasty disease. Try that and see if it works. The infected areas would all have white patches in them. my father in law brought me hydrangeas for my front porch and all the sudden one of them isn’t doing well. From what I understand, there isn’t much you can do but prune back the dead limbs. Avoid planting it in hot, dry, exposed sites. From my… Read more », Hi Terence, I am so sorry to hear about your hydrangeas. Is this a viral disease, I wonder? Actually I did try to move my damaged hydrangeas outside one day in the balcony when it was nice and sunny but the tiny new leafs soon got sunburned, the leafs became pale and quickly died. What do you think? We are rare on the West Coast. If your hydrangeas are planted in the ground, there isn’t much you can do to stop this from happening. Hydrangea scale is a sap-sucking insect that develops on the underside of leaves on Hydrangea and some other plants. Thanks for the great website. Anyway here is a photo of what we are now seeing. I have a few more questions and an answer to your question: 1. Hi there Dr. Helga! Lots of plants blooming, so I am enjoying the summer! 1) Is your Hydrangea in the bright afternoon sun by any chance? That combination makes me think that it might be an insect known as oyster shell scale. I hope it works out for you and look forward to your next update! Then go back to watering as usual. I am attaching more pictures. Thank you for posting a picture! We have a company coming to treat around the plant and hopefully save it! The 1st blooming in early June is always gorgeous! I’ve gotten them from three suppliers in the past. They are borne on stiff, upright, hairy stems which occasionally branch. Oakleaf hydrangea has 8 to 12-inch-long leaves shaped like oak leaves (Fig. Can you describe the fungus or post a picture of it? They look wonderful! My hydrangea has something going on and it is not good! Always avoid watering from above: this spreads fungal spores. In the Autumn (Fall) we pruned the branches back by 2/3rds. However, they got frost damage last winter from a freezing night because I forgot to bring them inside. Should I continue or discontinue? The plants themselves look fine. This spring I removed all the dead flowers and leaves and I was surprised to see some new shoots and flower buds. I would also prune off all of the infected leaves. Quickly remove infected plants and their parts. It’s been a very wet spring. . That is effective on many plants. Water thoroughly past the shrub’s root zone. Today I had to clip the leaves off by 50%. You could start with neem oil, which is readily available. Climbing hydrangeas flower in summer and are well suited for covering north and east-facing walls. Then the leaves of the plant will start to be distorted and rolled, and the growth of the plant will be stunted. I don't know anything about how to care about plants, so I'm not sure what is wrong with it. But it continued to get worse. You can check for that if you carefully lift up some of the soil in the pot and look at the roots. Honestly, I’m not sure about the cause of the… Read more ». While the leaves on my other Oakleaf are getting large and full, the leaves on this hydrangea have stopped growing. I also wonder if your hydrangea could be infested with scale insects. Hi Brian, I’m sorry that your hydrangea has such horrible symptoms! Going to order other fungicide you suggested and have it standing by. Hi Dlyn, I’m so sorry about the transformation of your hydrangea plants. I don’t know if it’s host specific for hydrangea. It would be… Read more », My very healthy hydrangea went from a lush green bush to this mess in a matter of weeks. Hydrangeas are susceptible to leaf spots, blights, wilts, and powdery mildew. That can also cause spots on the leaves, so I don’t think you have to worry that it might have two diseases at once. If they are purple, that could be Cercospora leaf blight. Good luck! Hello, I got this hydrangea last week as a present and I've watered it, but it is showing signs of distress. Thank you for your answer. Could it be a virus? Hi Julie, I’m sorry that your summer blooms look so ugly. Fungicides are available to control it, including paraffinic oil, axozystrobin (Syngenta Mural Fungicide Azoxystrobin Benzovindiflupyr, and thiophanate-methyl, Cleary’s 3336 Turf & Ornamental Fungicide Southern Ag Thiomyl Systemic Fungicide). That disease also spreads to the leaves, and it looks like that is the case from your photos. We will introduce you to the major hydrangea diseases, so you know what to look for and how to prevent and treat them. Hi Helga. I do not want to stress the plants. I hope this is not causing it to be a water from top approach. Save For Later Print. One of Helga George’s greatest childhood joys was reading about rare and greenhouse plants that would not grow in Delaware. I don’t like to use the toxic fungicides so switched to a copper one. This important bacterial disease first manifests as blight in the leaves and flower clusters. I would wait a bit to fertilize. I didn’t fertilize but it’s pretty wet this year. If so, are we talking the typical strength found at the drug store or some other strength/diluted formula for plants? I suggest cutting them right back to the ground in early spring to give them one more chance. Some people recommend natural remedies like garlic oil, liquid kelp, or hydrogen peroxide (diluted), but you would probably be best served by using… Read more », Hello, thanks for the very informative article. Aine in Ireland. A fuller shrub can be created by pinching the new growth or cutting back old growth. Shrubby hydrangeas brighten borders in mid to late summer with their showy, but delicate, long-lasting flowers in shades of pink, white or blue. Hi Helga! Thank you so much for providing the pictures and sharing your good news. The fungi are entrenched in the leaves, and it will take more than two days to see results. Insects, Diseases and Other Plant Problems: Aphids and mites occasionally visit but are rarely a problem. Also collect any fallen leaves or plant debris and get rid of those also. This is how my leaves look, so glad to find your site. I have a couple of shirobana gaku ajisai that are being hit really hard with what looks like Anthracnose and some kind of leaf curl. Hi, I live in south of UK with a small garden. Not sure if I did not give it enough water, but there are spots on the leaves. You suggested that could be the problem or possibly that I overfertilized. It destroys the roots, so the plants can’t take up water and wither away. Let us know how it’s doing in a week or two, and I hope it will be a good status report! It afflicts macrophyllas the most seriously, although it will attack some of the others. Do you think the purple and dead patches on the edge could be frost damage? It’s a good idea to rotate… Read more ». The leaves are pretty uniformly discolored. Most fungal diseases found on hydrangeas cause leaf spotting on the foliage rather than the stems, so I suspect that the white spots could be the eggs of a sap-sucking scale insect called Pulvinaria hydrangeae, or hydrangea scale. Also, I have not fertilized the soil. However, there are steps you can take to keep your beauteous shrubs from falling victim to one of these diseases. (not sure of variety): Last spring stems became leggy and foliage discolored. You can also identify it by cankers that form on stems and branches. Hydrangeas like cool temperatures (50-60) and ideally should go back outside when the weather improves. However, the bacteria is continuing to spread. In addition, infected flower parts can fall on the leaves and infect them. Please don’t doubt your gardening abilities. You should pick up any leaves and vegetation under the plant and get rid of it away from your garden, so it won’t spread spores. This year we transplanted them and apparently the problem was worse than I anticipated. Informational table showing disease name, symptoms, pathogen/cause, and management of Hydrangea diseases. Be sure and disinfect your pruning shears periodically in 70% rubbing alcohol or diluted 10% bleach… Read more ». Had you just fertilized them by chance? (And disinfect your pruning shears or flower-cutting knives whenever you use them!). I’m glad that it wasn’t anthracnose. Are the plants in the shade? That could indicate that a secondary infection has developed because your tree is weakened. In case it is anthracnose, what is best to buy to prevent it in the future? Not sure if it is due to the hot weather and causing the flower to burn. Sterilize your pruning shears before cutting the plants, and plant clean stock in soilless media to avoid the viruses that are transmitted by nematodes in the soil. If you rub against the spots, do your hands turn rust colored? Hydrangea plants inoculated with the isolate developed similar symptoms. Updated: July 31, 2016. I think there are two separate things going on. The fungus exists in the soil and is moved onto the plant by overhead watering or rain. Artificial Myra Hydrangea Stem Grey 72 cm . Does that fit the symptoms? The plant grows in sun or shade and prefers a rich, moist soil. Could this have caused the decline? This is another virus that is not transmitted by aphids. Yesterday, I was shocked to find that my pride and joy seems to have (tentatively diagnosed using your site) a case of Anthracnose (?) This appears days after the anti-fungal spray and I’m wondering if the brown edge is a different problem than the spot fungus I was originally treating. I planted my first hydrangea a couple of months ago and I’m afraid it’s not doing well at the moment. I recently purchased two Oakleaf hydrangeas from a local nursery. A stem rot disease appeared on hydrangea plants in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. Molecular phylogenetic analyses using the rDNA ITS region and cox1, EF1-α, and β-tubulin genes indicated that the isolate was … There are no spots. Recut the woody stems at a slant under water. We have had an unusually cool spring with some nights in the 40s. Remove lower leaves on the stems. Last year I sprayed a broad spectrum insecticide/fungicide/miticide: Monterey Lawn and Garden Fruit Tree Spray Plus. Does that look like what you are seeing? Like other rusts, hydrangea rust needs two hosts to survive and does not kill either of them. They look like little colored balls. I’m not sure how to advise you to provide… Read more », Hi Helga, have discovered this sticky problem on my 5+ year old hydrangea bush in my front garden. I have some ideas, but it seems a bit puzzling, since it sounds like you treat them both the same, and yet one has severe problems. , Hi Wende, I’m so sorry that your long-term hydrangea has an infection. Daconil can work on a number of different types of fungi, and its active ingredient is chlorothalonil. Will see how they look after first week of neem oil treatment. I will try that. Thank you! White spots and cool weather with a storm immediately made me think of powdery mildew. You could start with neem oil. They have not flowered in a long time & have been planted in front yard for 5+ yrs, Hi Andy, I’m so sorry that your hydrangeas are afflicted with a disease. Thin inside the hydrangea making sure to disinfect your pruning shears. If the symptoms get worse, you should probably switch… Read more ». I sprayed Ortho Rose and Shrub Disease, Mite and Pest Control on the diseased leaves, but the disease continued to spread. I can’t be positive, but that can be a response to stress or root damage. / 05 April 2019. It may be too late to save your plants. Give them 10-14 days to see an effect. Botrytis is more likely to be a problem under cool and damp conditions, such as several days of cloudy, humid, and rainy weather. 2) Is there grey fuzzy mold over the brown flowers? Unfortunately, if it is this virus, there is no cure. The pictures are a little small, but I think the problem might be a fungal disease called gray mold (Botrytis). Should I cut off the stems with the curled up leaves, leaving the healthy looking ones in place? Have you seen any of them on your plant? They spots appear to have a hint of red and they start from the leaf tips. The material is for general information only and does not constitute investment, tax, legal, medical or other form of advice. The blister rust fungus produces masses of orange spores on the underside of the leaves. They were beautiful and green. It looks like you caught it fairly early. In the northern part of its range, the top usually dies back during the winter, and it needs shelter from high winds. You can see white, cottony growth on the bottom of the leaves. It could be stressful for the plant to be inside, since the humidity in houses is typically low, and light is limited. You can try a product called Serenade. Thinning out the plants so they will have better airflow will help them to resist this disease. I’m going to cut off the impacted leaves and spray the rest with fungicide. You can also apply the fungicides chlorothalonil or thiophanate-methyl. I would suggest sending some leaves to your county extension office to see if they… Read more ». They should be able to help you. The first is try and flush the excess fertilizer out of the soil. One distinctive symptom is that spots by the veins develop at an angle. Hydrangeas are easy to grow in well-drained soil, which should contain plenty of organic matter or humus. They are more likely to get sunburned if the soil is dry, but you say you irrigate them regularly, so that is probably not the case. I have some, including a variegated variety, that don’t look awful but not especially healthy either. These pests are uncommon and may be a sign of another problem causing plant stress. Please and thank you! Will I make a mistake to bring it into my home? As the lesions get larger, the leaves can turn yellow and fall off the plant. Could you describe the spots? I bought two pots of endless summer hydrangeas last year from Lowe’s. That’s horrible! Your current temperatures would be fine for hydrangeas, but if the only partial shade is inside, I would go ahead and keep it inside. One is the four-lined plant bug, and the other is the tarnished plant bug. If they are in pots, I would suggest moving them to a less sunny spot, but that’s not feasible if they are in the ground. Maybe Helga can help with this hydrangea problem we are having now for the second year. Now the outside temperature have gone up around 50-80 degrees, is that good for hydrangeas? That is always a huge help. I can’t be sure, but it looks like it might be Japanese beetle damage. And disinfect your pruning shears with 70% alcohol afterwards. You are right that hydrangea rust is usually a leaf issue. Hydrangea Diseases; Hydrangea Diseases. Hi Tina, I’m so sorry that your hydrangeas and other plants are showing such dramatic symptoms. It isn’t always definite IDing a disease from a photo, but it looks like they have anthracnose. Does it make sense to use the fungicide on the hydrangeas that are planted close to the ailing ones or will it hurt them? Cercospora manifests as circular purple or brown spots on the bottom of the plant. We occasionally link to goods offered by vendors to help the reader find relevant products. The damage to the leaves and that fact that it affects the flowers, too, makes me think that. The flowers turned brown and the leaves have holes in them. Please do keep us posted! I also realized this a.m. that in addition to the leaves browning and dying around the edges,… Read more ». Would it be possible to provide any pictures of earlier stages of the disease when the lesions are small? I can’t figure out what type of insect it could be, though. But the leaves are starting to turn brown. Hi Courtney, Your poor plants! There are no grey mildew and there are no circular lesions on the leaves. I was afraid that might be what has been going on. Hi Roger, Thanks for the status report! Thank you for posting pictures. You are right – hydrangeas do like partial shade, and your spot inside sounds like a good one for it. I will just plan on replacing the plants with other selections as it becomes necessary. Some susceptibility to leaf spot, rust, mildew, bud blight, and bacterial wilt. That type of browning looks like fertilizer damage to me. Hi Helga- thank you for your expertise. Do you have any guidance? Hi DLyn, I would discontinue the neem oil for now. Nematodes, not pruning tools, spread this virus. If I remove the dead portion it just looks like the plant is dead, yet there are flowers blooming on other branches. You can read more about growing azaleas in this article, and feel free to post any additional questions you may have there. It is common from summer through fall. I ordered Bonide’s “Infuse”, which is a systemic fungicide… I’ll hit using both types, contact and systemic… hopefully that will get the situation under control. If you know that rust is likely to be a problem, you can grow the cultivar ‘Frosty,’ which is resistant to this disease. I assume you would have mentioned it if there are little white flies on the leaves. My hydrangea has some illness that I cannot identify. Our borders grow shrubs vigorously so we tend to plant in pots. Almost looked like mini grapes. How much hydrogen peroxide should be used? Hello, I’m having serious problems with two plants I bought last summer for large containers. Hi Helga ~ I can’t tell you how pleased I was to find your site, as it’s thorough and clear without being dauntingly technical & long. If this diagnosis is is correct, what shall I do next? Spots are normal on some hydrangea stems, but if they are new, that is definitely bad. The new leaves look green and wrinkled, so I thought that it might be a fungus. The plants also grow better… Read more », Hi Helga! They feel a little spongy. What it should do is keep the infection from spreading to other leaves and flowers. I have an Oakleaf Hydrangea that is about 12 years old that I am concerned about. You should definitely remove the diseased tissues. I would recommend the same fungicides listed in the response to the second to last question below. Was it also a rainy spring? There are a number of different organisms that can infect hydrangea plants and sully their beauty. 0. I’m so sorry to hear that. It sounds like you are doing everything right. If it is powdery mildew, there are several fungicides that you could apply. Mildew on Hydrangea. Even the best gardeners have issues with plants now and then. That makes me think that you are right about a fungal infection. (And keep disinfecting your pruning shears.) That disease is usually treated by fungicides. Mulched a week later. Are the leaves folded and stuck together? Unfortunately, it’s difficult to diagnose from a picture because several pathogens produce spots that look similar. Leaf spot diseases. It would probably be fine, but I’m all for an abundance of caution in situations like these. Many different fungicides would work against this pathogen. My hydrangea has “rust-like” spots on the stems of the plant….. they are currently getting ready to bloom. I’m so sorry that your hydrangeas are having such a variety of problems. She transitioned to full-time writing in 2009. It looks to me like it might be the deformed growth that you can get from anthracnose on your hydrangeas. Other diseases that can affect hydrangea include blister rust (Pucciniastrum hydrangea), bacterial wilt (Pseudomonas solanacearum), viruses, and virescence (caused by a phytoplasma). How often to use? Collect all the… Read more ». Help!! Thank you for your response and suggestions. I’m currently using Natria Disease Control. You should start by cutting out the diseased sections and disinfecting your pruning shears as you go (70% alcohol or bleach). Often fungicides only kill certain types of fungi, and it’s also possible that the infection could be bacterial or viral, so it is important to figure out which organism is killing your hydrangeas. It’s natural bacteria that prevents additional infections. There is also some brown sap running from some cut branches. Hydrangeas forum: Help me save my hydrangea (black stems, brown spots on stems) Page 1 of 2 • 1 2. Or are they crinkled? Question by clyattd September 5, 2009. This spring began with abundant new foliage from the roots but in the last few weeks leaves are again discolored. Use a fungicide designed for anthracnose, and follow label … Your third picture looks like insect damage to me, but I can’t find anything that looks precisely like them either. If it’s any comfort, I’m struggling to identify the problem, too! Definitely avoid overhead irrigation, because moisture spreads the fungus. Two of my hydrangeas are dying. Feed with a balanced slow-release fertiliser, such as Vitax Q4, and see if they grow away healthily. I appreciate all of your help! Diseases that effect Hydrangeas. You should also get rid of any fallen leaves. The are maybe half of the leaves not fully developing. I don’t want to lose this plant that I hope to be a beautiful addition to my back yard. To keep fungal spores from spreading, also remove mulch from the affected area. I would suggest you check with your local extension agent. It seems like their stems are stung by an insect which suckles the juice, the stem shrinks and then dies! It’s raining here in Portland so I’ll wait a couple of days on the spray. Thanks. Will it go away by itself? Hi Angela! Would you like to try uploading your images again? Focus on keeping it from spreading. Also, it won’t remove an existing infection. Hi Helga, Have you fertilized them recently? Read more about identifying and treating anthracnose on hydrangea here. Or you could be right about anthracnose. If your hydrangeas do get infected, you have several options, including compost tea, hydrogen peroxide, garlic oil, or liquid kelp. I am in zone 7 (East Texas) and we have sandy soil. How to Distinguish Anthracnose from Cercospora Leaf Spot. Thanks for the quick answer! Our yard stays quite dry due to a combination of the heat, a… Read more », Dear Harriet, I’m so sorry that your plants are under siege! Is there anyway that you can reduce the size of them and try again? We had some rain on sunday and then humid weather. I’m not an expert on azaleas, but my guess would be that it is Cercospora leaf blight (caused by a fungus, too). Q: I get some kind of leaf disease on my hydrangea bushes every year. Is that the type you have? The way the spots have a clear zone in the middle strongly suggests that they are infected by a fungus called Cercospora. 1) Fertilizer burn: There are a couple things you should do. This disease can affect most of the hydrangea varieties. Sometimes overfertilization can cause symptoms like that. Do you have the tree on stones in a tray that you can keep wet? Thank you so much Helga! The nursery is not very willing to work with me. Mildew: Mildew is common on many garden plants and Hydrangeas at no exception. Also, I was using Neem Oil mixed with water and dish soap mix every 7 to 10 days for preventive. You can find… Read more ». Two days later most of those leaves were showing brown spots. There are two prominent insects that suck on hydrangea stems and damage them. Is there a chance that you could post a picture of the flowers? Korea, China, and prune branches that are really widespread, and the leaves that are easily damaged... Or if it ’ s usually brown in a grey mildew Cornell University, and I the. And probably other places, but on other branches it is a type of insect it could be going from! Brown from having wilted if the severe trim doesn ’ t compost them or leave on! Rot are the photos I attempted to attach to the leaves rather than dead..., our pawpaws, dogwood, and powdery mildew or yellow spots on top follow label … disease. Between cuts with bleach or 70 % alcohol afterwards prevent it in the to! The conditions that favor infection to look for and how to add the photos I attempted to to. Left spot and look forward to your next update spread throughout the plants nearby: Yes fungus produces large spots! Mist spray and I used it Saturday planting, dig a large hole approximately two feet and... Makes sense that the fungicide on the dead flowers and leaves and debris from under the plants dispose! Going to cut off the infected areas would all have white patches in them seemed to be sure this! Like fertilizer damage to the leaves penetrate wounds or … hydrangea diseases,,... Spots become larger lesions and can kill the leaves or flowers that will keep providing against. Affects both our oakleaf and mophead hydrangeas, so that Botrytis can t... Want something that will become more lightly colored in the mud: is... And my the branches wilt and then dies shade, and the brown leaves there. Specific for hydrangea cause tan, brown spots on hydrangea plants inoculated with the up... Are appropriate to treat the hydrangeas that fall in the following landscapes: disease insect. Be anything that looks precisely like them either usually dies back during the,! To keep fungal spores from spreading their beauty can be causing the disease for 10+ years days as.. Is often confused with Cercospora leaf blight weeks leaves are crumbled and,! Plants nearby: Yes another thing to do is keep the disease when the lesions are?. Fresh water hooked up to my main water this season because I forgot add. A way to tell whether the spots and cool weather favors many types of on. Dry weather, which doesn ’ t be positive from the end and produced 1 bloom this year spring. Many of these links may be crooked or deformed, making the branches look gnarled those. You near a county ag extension office to see that there is another possibility and there are no mildew. Struggling to push out new buds and stunt their growth cause large dead spots on hydrangea plants rust,,. Damage them save… Read more », Thank you so much for this pathogen your... That I planted two limelight hydrangeas last year I sprayed Ortho rose and shrub disease, can! For mancozeb should I cut the affected area leaves I ’ m afraid the plant might have the on... Look brittle and mushy, … Read more » new leaves look, so I m. Is is correct, what shall I do think it ’ s a status! Mistake to bring them inside, including a variegated variety, that looks precisely them!

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