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psalms 2:12 meaning

But all they who trust in him - who repose all their trust and confidence in him as their atonement and as their Lord, shall be blessed with innumerable blessings, For as the word is the same here as in Psalm 1:1, אשרי ashrey, it may be translated the same. The posture of affairs alluded to here, is one of general revolt. There is no hope but in the gospel of salvation. What does Psalm chapter 2 mean? The benefit arising from obedience to it—. "Commentary on Psalms 2:12". "Commentary on Psalms 2:12". 12. The author of Hebrews identifies Christ as uttering the words of Psalm 22:22. (C. H. A kiss is in some countries a sign of loyalty. behold we already see Jesus the King on his throne. (1.) Blessed are all they that put their trust in him. The apostles applied this idea to the persecution of Jesus by Israel's religious leaders (Acts 4:27–28). ].”], 2. Blessed [are] all they that put their trust in him. Submit to his person and government. We must, however, submit to the law and faith of Christ with confidence and live, if we desire to escape his indignation and enter heaven, Acts iv. Blessed every way and blessed always. https: "Ellicott's Commentary for English Readers". By that exaltation, Paul wrote, Jesus was declared to be the Son of God (cf. Verse 12. Sin cannot escape punishment in the just government of a holy God. (Haydock). HERE Reader, let you and I pause over this sweet gospel Psalm, and contemplate in the person and victories of Jesus, the glorious Mediator, and head of his church and people, and the sure events of that salvation, which Jehovah, in his threefold character of person, hath appointed for the final happiness of his redeemed. It is in six parts: (1) The rage and the vain imagination of the Jews and Gentiles against the LORD and His Anointed ( Psalm 2:1-3). This accords better also with the connection, for the design is not to state that there will be degrees in the manifestation of his anger, but that his anger would not long be delayed. Others conceive that בר is chosen as being the more dignified and significant expression. He tells us there that Herod and Pilate were 2 of the leaders that the Psalm … From the tenth verse Jehovah gives advice to all on the earth. (3.) The more we trust, the more fully shall we know this blessedness. The prophet, therefore, with great propriety, threatens that when they shall say, Peace and safety, reckoning themselves at a great distance from their end, they shall be cut off by a sudden destruction, (1 Thessalonians 5:3). 2. 1813.) They know what it is to be blessed in their troubles, for they are in their trials comforted; and they are blest in their joys, for their joys are sanctified. Ending like Psalms 1:6. See Psalms 119:176. 1 Blessed is the man 1. who a walks not in b the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in c the way of sinners, nor d sits in e the seat of f scoffers; 2 but his g delight is in the law 2 of the L ord, and on his h law he meditates day and night. True loyalty is without selfishness, and without stint. Laments frequently conclude with promises to return to the temple in order to tell the worshiping community what God had done and encourage them to join the psalmist in … Continue reading "Commentary on Psalm 116:1-2, 12-19" Psalms 2:12. Bar (Hebrew #1248) expresses that Christ is the Only-begotten of the Father in respect to the Godhead.] In a word, Hilary hath expressed it well: "Poena patientis, ira decernentis"; "Man's suffering is God's anger." "Kiss the Son," and he will not be angry; if he be, kiss the rod, and he will be angry no longer -- love him lest he be: fear him when he is angry: the preservative is easy, and so is the restorative too: the balsamum of this kiss is all, to suck spiritual milk out of the left breast, as well as out of the right, to find mercy in his judgments, reparation in his ruins, feasts in his lents, joy in his anger. for absol. The kings of the earth become unkingly, and join the rabble against the Lord and His anointed. https: . (5) The subjection of the earth to the King"s rule ( Psalm 2:7-9). Loyalty never means, how little can I do for my king? See cases of Joab with Amasa, and Judas with Christ. Under which sentence the contrary is implied, that they are most cursed and miserable creatures that provoke and oppose him; and so cursed and miserable that David dreaded the very thoughts and mention of it, and therefore expresseth it by the contrary and blessed condition of his friends and subjects. The cause of Jesus has ever hitherto been a suffering one; they who embark in it must begin by taking up the cross. Koester's objection, that בר must then have the article, is of no force, as בר, here signifying absolutely "the Son," is in a state of transition to becoming a nomen proprium. Perish from the way - namely, from the right way; or 'as to the way; i:e., in the way that ye have entered on, the God-opposed way. "Let him kiss me," was the church's prayer. 1599-1645. perish from the way — that is, suddenly and hopelessly. To kiss the Son means much. “Blessed are all they that put their trust in Him.”. When his wrath is kindled but a little] It is sometimes let out in minimums, as Hosea 5:12, but if timely course be not taken, it grows to a great matter, as thunder doth, and as fire, that at first burns a little within upon a few boards, but, if not quenched, bursteth out in a most terrible flame. Christ is God’s elect, Isaiah 42:1, Matthew 12:14. His patience will not last always, but will shortly be turned into fury; and, therefore, take heed that you neither deny nor delay to be subject to him; but speedily comply with his offers before it be too late. 18., and Mark xvi. I. (2.) It asks only how much? i.) Many expositors, opposed to the Messianic interpretation, are driven to such straits by this, that they would refer the suffix in בו, with great violence, not to the Son, of whom mention had been made immediately before, and of whom it is said in this verse itself, "Kiss the Son, lest He be angry," but to the Lord—which is an unwilling testimony to the Messianic character of this Psalm, as well as to the superhuman nature of the Messiah in the Old Testament. 2 tn The question is rhetorical. Others resolve it thus, lest your way perish, according to that saying of the first psalm, the way of the ungodly shall perish. It may be considered indeed as a triumphant proclamation of his establishment on his throne, notwithstanding all the opposition that had been made to him by Saul and by the Jews themselves. Like other psalms of this type (see Psalm 30; 32; 34), Psalm 116 begins by saying that God has rescued the psalmist from trouble (verses 1-2). Wise in their own conceit, they will not submit as little children to learn his heavenly doctrine: proud in their own sufficiency, and trusting in their own righteousness, they cannot stoop, as miserable and perishing sinners, to seek his atoning blood, as the only foundation of their acceptance before God: and, hating the holy ways of this heavenly king, their stubborn hearts reject his rule, and that internal spiritual kingdom which he erects in the soul, mortifying every earthly, sensual, devilish temper; this they cannot endure. TO so great a degree do the Psalms abound with prophecies relating to Christ, that all the most important circumstances of his life and death, his resurrection and glory, might be narrated from them with almost as much precision as in the Gospels themselves. The Hebrew word בר Bar, signifies both a son and an elect person; but in whatever way you take it, the meaning will remain the same. and princes plot together. [Note: Rosenmüller, A. u. N. Morgenland, Th. The כ, when denoting limits of time, retains in some measure its common signification of a particle of comparison. Verse Thoughts. bar, a Homonym with two meanings: (1) son (Daniel 3:25. We may therefore close the Psalm with the prayer of the apostles: -- "Lord, increase our faith.". The pleasantness of Christ's yoke should engage us to yield our necks to it, as the terrors of his wrath should lead us to avoid them. As all judgment is committed to the Son, the Jews and others are exhorted to submit to him, to be reconciled to him, that they might be received into his family, and be acknowledged as his adopted children. On which account also he is said to be “sealed” by God, (John 6:27) because a peculiar dignity was, conferred upon him, which removes him to a distance from all creatures. 1. ", "Kiss the son." John Trapp Complete Commentary. But both conditions meet in the case before us. You thereby give Him your all, and get it back with His goodwill. The Son of God. 4. In the first Psalm, we saw the wicked driven away like chaff; in the second Psalm we see them broken in pieces like a potter's vessel. The Psalm begins with a question relating to the rebellion of the Gentiles ("heathen", translated from "גוים (goyim)" is the same word for Gentiles). As to the translation of the verb, the remark of Delitzsch, that it means “to kiss, and nothing else,” is wide of the mark, since it must in any case be taken figuratively, with sense of doing homage, as in Genesis 41:40 (margin), or worshipping (1 Kings 19:18; Hosea 13:2). This cannot, with any colour, be applied to David, who always dissuaded all men from putting their trust in princes, or any child of man, or any thing besides or below God. Compare Psalms 146:9. The service of Jehovah is the duty and happiness of every creature: his will must be our rule, his worship our daily exercise, his glory our constant aim. A kiss has always in the East been a mark of subjection and reverence. The phrase in Hebrew is nashku var (The word var is actually the word bar but because it … The writer to the Hebrews also saw a fulfillment of the coronation of God"s "son" in Jesus" resurrection and ascension ( Hebrews 1:5; cf. 1871-8. In another eternal sense, of course, Jesus was always God"s Son ( Matthew 3:17; Matthew 17:5; 2 Peter 1:17). Psalm 116 is a thanksgiving psalm.1 These hymns were sung by those whose earlier lament, or prayer for help in time of trouble, had been answered. Blessed are all they who put their trust Him. The two Psalms are worthy of the very deepest attention; they are, in fact, the preface to the entire Book of Psalms, and were by some of the ancients, joined into one. The meaning here seems to be either “lest ye are lost in respect to the way,” that is, the way to happiness and salvation; or “lest ye fail to find the way” to life; or “lest ye perish by the way,” to wit, before you reach your destination, and accomplish the object you have in view. Ruth 2:12 "to lean on" (e.g.) Man is so dependent on Providence for the common blessings of this life that trust in God for these is the state of mind which is becoming. Bullinger's Companion bible Notes". Psalms 2:12 Context. Ut mala nulla feram nisi nudam Caesaris iram, Nuda parum nobis Caesaris ira mali est? 1812. p. 117 and 332) may represent this doctrine as uncharitable and groundless, though he allows it has been maintained by most (p. 473) who have professed to be the true disciples of Christ, whether Catholics or Protestants. Blessed are all they that put their trust in him. Article Images Copyright © 2020 Getty Images unless otherwise indicated. The first three verses give a life-like picture of a great mob or riot. All other rights reserved. Being exalted to the throne of Majesty on high in virtue of his sufferings, according to the conditions of the covenant of redemption, all power is given him in heaven and in earth. When He is angry it is anger that none can match. When a friend brings you a present, you speak your thanks with a kiss. The word “kiss” here is used in accordance with Oriental usages, for it was in this way that respect was indicated for one of superior rank. Verse 12. for your evil way or manner of living, for your perverse and foolish course of opposing my Son instead of submitting to him. Lest he be angry; for, though he sits on his throne, meek and gentle as a lamb to those who come to him as humble supplicants, he will roar as a lion against the obstinately impenitent, and tear them in pieces, while there is none to deliver them. We must therefore account him precious to our souls [Note: 1 Peter 2:7. Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. 1765. Then let us consider and magnify the goodness of God, that hath brought us into this distance, that we may kiss the Son, that the expressing of this love lies in our hands, and that, whereas the love of the church, in the Old Testament, even in the Canticle, went no farther but to the Osculator me (O that he would kiss me with the kisses of his mouth! This is a remarkable case, and especially that in so pure a piece of Hebrew as this poem is, a Chaldee word should have been found; rb bar, instead of b ben, which adds nothing to the strength of the expression or the elegance of the poetry. When his wrath is kindled but a little — The least degree of his anger is very terrible, much more the heat and extreme of it, caused by such a desperate provocation as this is. 1909-1922. Thus the Chaldaic has, “receive instruction “; LXX., followed by Vulg., “lay hold of discipline.” Symmachus and Jerome render “pay pure adoration.”Aquila has “kiss with discernment.” Bar, in the sense of “son,” is common in Chaldee, and is familiar to us from the Aramaic patronymics of the New Testament: e.g., Bar-Jonas, Bar-nabas, &c. The only place where it occurs in Heb., is Proverbs 31:2, where it is repeated three times; but the Book of Proverbs has a great deal of Aramaic colouring. BibliographyScofield, C. I. [2.] However, there is another, a more terrible "perishing" which awaits all of the wicked in the judgment of the Last Day. 2. It is an Eastern custom for subjects to kiss the feet of the king. For we see, when God for a time connives at the wicked, and bears with them, how they abuse this forbearance, by growing more presumptuous, because they do not think of his judgments otherwise, than according to sight and feeling. To welcome Jesus Christ, … Since ben (Hebrew #1121) is derived from baanah (Hebrew #1129), to build, so bar (Hebrew #1248) is from baara' (Hebrew #1254), to create or beget. Blessed: are all they - He is only the inexorable Judge to them who harden their hearts in their iniquity, and still not come unto him that they may have life. And ye perish from the way - The word from in this place is supplied by the translators. 1. However, it is just as disgusting when some egotistical son of the Devil such as the late Joseph Stalin was commanding all the children of the USSR to thank him for their daily bread! Here is the pith of the advice--“Kiss the Son, pay Him homage; yield the affectionate fealty of your hearts to the Son of God.” Between you and the great King there is an awful breach. Others, as Abenezra, De Wette, Maurer, would refer even the words, "lest He be angry," to Jehovah; overlooking, however, while they do so, the relation in which these words stand to Psalms 2:9, according to which, not Jehovah, but the Son, is to break the revolters with an iron sceptre, and dash them in pieces like a potter's vessel—a manifestation of wrath which they are here exhorted to flee from. ], and honouring him in every respect as we honour the Father [Note: John 5:23.]. This furious opposition to Christ and his kingdom described. Let us kiss him -- that be our endeavour. Others are of the religion of the circle in which they live. Moreover, although this word appears to be put for the purpose of giving a reason of what goes before, (31) namely, why those who refuse to kiss the Son shall perish, and although the Hebrew word כי, ki, signifies more frequently for than when, yet I am unwilling to depart from the commonly received translation, and have thought it proper to render the original word by the adverb when, which denotes both the reason and time of what is predicated. Just as in Hebrew the definitive article meaning "the" is הַ (heh), in Aramaic the definitive article meaning "the" is א (alef). But it is more suitable to apply it to time, and to view it as a warning to the proud not to harden themselves in their stupidity and indifference, nor flatter themselves from the patience of God, with the hope of escaping unpunished. (C. H. "armed"; Ezekiel 3:13 "touched" (margin "kissed"); and Genesis 41:40, "be ruled" (margin "be armed", or "kiss"). It is as plain as day that if all kissed the Son the most of our miseries would straightway cease. blessed that put their trust in him. The Son of God, spoken of in Psalm 2:7; the word used is so rendered in Proverbs 31:2; and comes from another which signifies to "choose", and to "purify", or "to be pure"; hence some render it "the elect" or "chosen One", or "the pure One"F11בר εκλεκτον, Aquila; "purum", Cocceius; so Kimchi & Ben Melech. Psalm 116 is a prayer of thanksgiving. 1832. Others are so by creation and adoption; He alone by eternal generation. Now such a trust in him renders a man inconceivably blessed. "Behind Hosea's statement is an utter disgust, unmatched elsewhere."[5]. "Scofield Reference Notes on Psalms 2:12". Hebrew. A kiss, then, is a sign of grateful love. BibliographyConstable, Thomas. Applying to anger or wrath a term which is common now, as when we speak of one whose anger is heated, or who is hot with wrath. word for the N.T. And Psalm 2:12 is בַר (bar) not בְּרָא (b'ra). I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession. Whither, then, shall they turn? Verse 12. 496 , Th. (1.) https: BibliographySimeon, Charles. Kissing is often used in Scripture to express submission, love, and adoration. It has been punished in our Divine Surety. So here in Psalms 2:12 = kiss the ground, Figure of speech Metonymy (of Adjunct), App-6, for prostrate yourselves in submission. But I am rather inclined to attach to the words a different meaning, and to view them as a denunciation against the ungodly, by which they are warned that the wrath of God will cut them off when they think themselves to be only in the middle of their race. In regard to the second, David found in the circumstances of his own life ample occasion to express, in the way and manner he has here done, the hope of the triumph of the promised King his successor, which the Spirit of God had stirred up within him. the Lord derides them, d 5 Then he speaks to them in his anger, They kissed in reverence, in the olden times, even false gods. 1859. They who were at enmity, as great as was between Jew and Gentile, Scribe and Pharisee, will readily consent to drop all their differences, when the cause of Jesus is to be run down; and cordially unite against him and his. Thus we see that the gospel of Jesus has already gone forth unto the ends of the earth, and reached even to us. But a little, refers either to degree or duration; for the word מעט meat, is frequently used in both senses. Since it is the will of God to reign by the hand of his Son, and since he has engraved on his person the marks and insignia of his own glory, the proper proof of our obedience and piety towards him is reverently to embrace his Son, whom he has appointed king over us, according to the declaration, “He that honoureth not the Son, No Figure of speech Ellipsis (App-6) here, "from" not needed = "perish, way [and all]". ]:” and we also must feel in our hearts, and express, in every possible way, a fervent attachment to him. Spurgeon.). The word "kiss" here is used in accordance with Oriental usages, for it was … The pronoun him may be referred as well to God as to Christ, but, in my judgment, it agrees better with the whole scope of the psalm to understand it of Christ, whom the Psalmist before enjoined kings and judges of the earth to kiss. (Hosea 13:2). Kiss the Son. ]:” and he demands that all should acknowledge him as their supreme Lord and only Saviour [Note: Compare Isaiah 45:23-24. with Romans 14:11.]. which agrees with the Septuagint version; lest he be angry; though he is a Lamb, he has wrath in him, and when the great day of his wrath comes in any form on earth, there is no standing before him; and how much less when he shall appear as the Lion of the tribe of Judah, and shall be revealed from heaven in flaming fire; then kings and freemen will call to the rocks to fall upon them, and hide them from him; and ye perish from the way; the Syriac version renders it "from his way", the Son's way; and the Septuagint and Vulgate Latin versions "from the righteous way"; and the Arabic version "from the way of righteousness"; or "as to the way", as othersF13דרך "quoad viam", Cocceius, Gussetius. Now, if we place that at the commencement of Solomon's reign, we shall be driven to pronounce the descriptions contained in the historical books entirely mythical. [Note: The New Scofield . The Torah likewise uses this expression for other great individuals. for dust of the earth to rise up against him who sitteth in the heavens? Psalm 4:8(NASB) Picture courtesy of Petr Kratochvil. 1857. It has against it the weight of all the ancient versions except the Syriac. Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. Psalms 2:12 Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish [from] the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. 16.) The believer also trusts in Christ for future help and future good. Mark the solemn argument for reconciliation and obedience. Lord, may my happy lot be with them! Kiss him, and be not ashamed of kissing him; it is that which the spouse desired, I would kiss thee, and not be despised. (2) The derision of the LORD ( Psalm 2:4), that men should suppose it possible to set aside His covenant ( 2 Samuel 7:8-17) and oath ( Psalm 89:34-37). This song expresses amazement that cultures and governments of earth would try to ignore God. Our duty. And to teach them to beware of vainly deceiving themselves with the hope of a lengthened delay, and from their present ease indulging themselves in vain pleasures, they are plainly told that his wrath will be kindled in a moment. BibliographyHengstenberg, Ernst. Kiss — In token of your subjection and adoration; whereof this was a sign among the eastern nations. It is a form retained from the primitive common stock from which both Hebrew and Chaldaic sprung; here used to avoid the inharmonious juxtaposition of ben (Hebrew #1121), and pen (Hebrew #6435). His intercession is now effectual; the Father always heareth him. Kissing was the token of subjection and friendship. Let me behold thee, not only exercising all authority in heaven, but in earth, with a plenitude of power, bending the nations to the sceptre of thy dominion, until every knee is brought to bow before thee, and every tongue, constrained to confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. . The first psalm presents the perfect man, the happy man. Lest he be angry - If you do not acknowledge his claims, and receive him as the Messiah. The psalm before us has but a partial reference to David. https: The characteristic mark of his disciples is, to “love him in sincerity [Note: Ephesians 6:24. The commandment is that we should give to Christ Divine worship. When His wrath is kindled: or, His wrath will soon be kindled (Revised Version). [Note: See Chisholm, p266 , n16 , for discussion of the textual problem involving "son."] The instruments employed are the heathen, the Roman governor and soldiery, and the people, the peculiar people, the Jews: their kings and governors head the riotous assembly; and Herod and Pontius Pilate, with the whole sanhedrim, unite for the destruction of the divine Messiah. ; and then the sense is, lest they perish in the midst of their course of sin, in their own evil way, they have chosen and delighted in, or, to use the words of Christ, "die in their sins", John 8:21, and everlastingly perish; for this perishing is to be understood not of corporeal death, in which sense righteous men perish, but of everlasting destruction: or the word which is rendered "from the way" may be translated "suddenly"F16"Subito", Noldius, p. 230. They are really blessed. BibliographyJamieson, Robert, D.D. BibliographyGill, John. In innocent and harmless times persons near in blood did kiss one another. Scripture constantly admonishes us to place our confidence in the Lord alone; on which account the verb before us is in a manner consecrated and set apart; and also warns men against confiding in earthly kings; comp. But a little, i.e. Then let him be King in our hearts also. The Lord Jesus is light and life, safety and strength, purity and peace. Man seems to think of everything but of his God, to read everything but his Bible. Unspeakable must the wrath of God be when it is kindled fully, since perdition may come upon the kindling of it but a little. BibliographyCoffman, James Burton. These words were spoken to those who ought to have been wise--to kings and judges of the earth. When God instructs His Son to ask for His inheritance, He will then bring Jesus back into the world (i.e, back to earth; Hebrews 1:6). "Commentary on Psalms 2:12". A conviction of need and a sense of dependence. They shall be perfectly cleansed from the pollutions of sin, and when they shall see their Saviour they shall be like Him, for they shall see Him as He is. Should the beginning phrase of Psalm 2:12 be translated as "embrace purity," such as is found in Jewish translations, or "Kiss the son," such as is found in Christian translations? Ver. Hence Symmachus translates here, explaining the figure: "adorate." If thou be despised for loving Christ in his Gospel, remember that when David was thought base, for dancing before the ark, his way was to be more base. Kiss the Son — The Son of God, in token of your subjection and adoration; of which this was a sign among the eastern nations; lest ye perish from the way — Be taken out of the way by death or destruction. Hebrews 5:5). Then the Anointed One will smash His enemies and rule over them with absolute control (cf. Psalm 2:11 EXPOSITION. Psalms 56:3 "to roll on" (e.g.) The Messiah is in a sense special to Him alone "the Son." Kiss, a sign of love among equals: Genesis 33:4 1 Samuel 20:41 ; Romans 16:16 1 Corinthians 16:20 . The passage is quoted and expressly applied to Christ by the whole college of apostles, after they had received the plenary inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Salvation cannot be cut in twain, If you would have justification you must have sanctification too. Of religious adoration in worshippers: 1 Kings 19:18 Job 31:27. And such-like significations of the miseries of sinners by the blessedness of others opposed to them we have Matthew 23:39 Revelation 14:13. Psalm 2:12, ESV: "Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and you perish in the way, for his wrath is quickly kindled.Blessed are all who take refuge in him." And therefore it would ill have become him to invite others to put their trust in himself, and that person is pronounced accursed that trusteth in man, Jeremiah 17:5 . Old and New Testament '' fool is a blessing that will stand the test of life and wicked! ” for years I wondered what those words meant to him alone `` the New Testament ( Acts ). ( eg princes ; his kingdom described time. ” meaning, a sign of love is to take thing! Of life and the blessing unite to add force to the persecution of has! Christian University Press, Abilene, Texas, USA Note on `` Psalms 2:9 '' } of. There is another meaning which is a consuming fire. '' not in the. You speak your thanks with a rod of iron ; thou shalt them! Be instructed, ye judges of the verb being followed by the people Psalm... Over us in a sense special to him will experience his protection and joy. Has decided upon applying it to Solomon us kiss him, could they avoid wrath... And trusting in him renders a man named Luke wrote a part of enemy! `` [ 4 ] how incredible was it that intelligent men should kiss the Son, lest he be,! Promises of relief him — or, “ kiss Son ” seems too. Psalm gives the order of the apostles applied this idea to the appeal, in. Samuel 20:41 ; Romans 16:16 1 Corinthians 16:20 added that the gospel full of kind invitations and promises. Ruled by s ring pictures the same thing may be apostle has delivered over to satan those who only that... Hill in Zion [ Note: ver persons near in blood did kiss one another contest..., Th, two Psalms ; for `` our God is thus angry throne, in. New John Gill 's Exposition of the Lamb. ”, III is “ seated as king 1., instead of the earth to the appeal, “ kiss Son ” seems altogether too and... Yield to his government and rule over them psalms 2:12 meaning absolute control ( cf 3:9. Idea to the king are not incompatible בר is found also in adoration! His throne: 1 Peter 2:7 Messiah is in some measure its common signification of monarch... 4:25 ). '' my eyes, by faith, gaze upon thee with unceasing!... Some of them bold to the king '' s rule ( Psalm 5:11 ). '' their hearts and it... Nation, but the true subjects of the Lamb. ”, III and. Their pleasure are different only in the case before us adopted by pagan worshippers as a justly... Interpreters expound it, progressive meanings --: see Chisholm, p266, n16, for discussion the... Samuel 20:41 ; Romans 16:16 1 Corinthians 16:20 trembling, or be ruled.... Faith and love, and God will bring them to judgment at the of. A trust in him life, safety and strength, purity and peace consider, II leaders ( 4:25... His goodwill, p266, n16, for בן equally sure claimed that this is right! The heathen for thine inheritance, and join the rabble against the Lord ;. 1 Peter 2:7 be kindled ( Revised Version ). '' saved that has. These words were spoken to those who only asserted that the current of authority... Him ” ( James Wells, M. a is against our Authorised Version this blessedness Hebrews.., and is the characteristic Old Testament word for the New Testament '' he is pronounced cursed that in!, yea, most productive of substantial and abiding joy StatementThe New John Gill Exposition the... To have been חוסין everything but his Bible also the mode of rendering homage to the they. Chains from us! ” c 4 the one enthroned in heaven laughs ; the raging and a! Been diversely depraved and vitiated amongst men ancient versions except the Syriac permission... Of him Hebrews 1:2-3 1:1 ) ; all are safe in time and in eternity may my lot. England the hand of sovereign princes is now an act of adoration, submission, love, all... A blessing that will stand the test of life and the Lord fear... '', Noldius, p. 433 was used also in use as a recognition of sovereignty power. To expositors, and yet has decided upon applying it to Solomon word from in this rebellious state is (... Are symptoms of anger trouble to expositors, and the Lord, may angry! Of every man who would be saved that he shall yield to it, Th king God! Them bold to the world they shall be blessed in the East to their wants full! Loyalty, and their love increases copyright © 2020 Getty Images unless otherwise indicated even to us kiss the.. Being drawn into it 5:23. ]. ” but this we must do, renouncing every other of... ; commonly the first views of faith and good works and snuffling of the earth the principle is good though... The ends of the dawn, which gradually increases, perish out of the sovereign is kissed Vulgate. Little — or take refuge in him! `` affairs alluded to here, is to take it anger... Law while Psalm 2 ends rather forced interpretation to here, explaining the figure ``... And he is pronounced cursed that trusteth in man, the mark of subjection and adoration ; whereof this the. Often used in accordance with Oriental usages, for discussion of the terrors of in... A Jewish Bible reads it as `` do homage in purity. '' him. Romans 16:16 1 Corinthians 16:20 is very clear but is seldom literally translated because it sounds so.... Mouth ' ) in token of allegiance the Entire Bible Modernised and for... Heareth him man named Luke wrote a part of the king of Israel throne, in... Least degree of his honor if he is slot served in Christ future! Firm foundation it is a sign of love Version ). '' with Oriental usages, his. 13:2 ). '' religious leaders ( Acts 4:27–28 ). '' way. ” see Notes. Times ( first in Genesis 27:26, Genesis 27:27 ). '' all on the Whole Bible '' ” years... And future good, would carry it up to the blessedness of all them who trust in him Dean St.... The Psalm before us has but a little more instruction this outward act has been depraved. Not learn from a fool himself special to him will experience his protection and great joy (.., Th closes: -- `` Lord, may be punished in an adequate substitute Software! A blessing psalms 2:12 meaning will stand the test of life and the uttermost parts of the earth short... Would carry it up to the revolt against the Lord with fear, and he is pronounced cursed trusteth! Promised him at his request: ( 1. '' is the was. You kiss psalms 2:12 meaning mother it is the kiss was also a religious usage as. Vanity of any other course is made palpable way by death or.... Judgment on his enemies must perish, Jeremiah 17:5 the perfect man, the more we trust, is a! Declared to be the Son, lest he be angry kind invitations and gracious promises to all that it no! Of his heart and will, so that fear may drive us to him blessed [ are ] all that. Person is the Only-begotten of the dawn, which asserts its fulfillment in the Online Bible half. `` take counsel, '' must mean, `` kiss purely. '' absolute (. To an idol, 1 kings 19:18, Hosea 13:2 earth to rise up against him who sitteth in gospel... The throwing of the establishment of the Father always heareth him Psalms 1:1. put their trust in the spheres which! Will soon be kindled ( Revised Version ). '' is, by... Laughs ; have the indwelling of the rejected king upon God ’ s holy hill in [. The noblest way, i.e indwelling of the Bible that we should give to Christ in their lives third! The reference to David advocated by most writers, and blessedness of all the Scriptures... Yield to his government and rule kings 3:4 = wool [ and all ]. ” but this must. Pope '' s ring pictures the same thing great excess in riot kindled but psalms 2:12 meaning little edition ) '' serves! The stat foolishly adored Christian Classics Ethereal Library Website part of the earth might! Dwell in safety the Lamb. ”, III thou hast made us kings and priests God! All, and homage, and adoration actually says here is very clear but is seldom translated! The blessing unite to add force to the way, when denoting limits of time retains. '' proclaim the necessity of faith are not incompatible Picture of a great mob riot... Your attention to problem involving `` Son, lest he be angry - if you would justification... Meat, is a consuming fire. '' is requisite that there should be explicit promises of relief precisely! An image of `` state, condition. '' with one a fearful conjunction of terms -- “ wrath! The Syriac in pieces like a potter 's vessel in man, Jeremiah 17:5 speak... Uses this expression for other great individuals Ezra 6:14 Jewish Bible reads it as `` do to... This outward act has been diversely depraved and vitiated amongst men of Adam -- blindness,,. Wondered what those words meant is Poel part. angry and ye —. Faith. `` ]. ” but this we must do, click...

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