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when do purple robe locust trees bloom

Crazy to cut down a big tree because of little suckers. rcnaylor, I think you're right about my suckers. We live in a valley and get very strong west winds during the winter. I have posted its pictures on Facebook, and have had others ask me about it. Before they get too big to handle, can you, with help, transplant them. One other plant you might consider for between the windows is Philadelphus coronarius Sweet Mock Orange. warm up the space and a way to bring everyone together for a family project.You could even put it between glass/plexi-glass to have a frameless look.I am new to this and wasn't able to attach anything but if you look at the different photography sites that are pinned you might find something you like. I highly recommend it. Robinia pseudoacacia is the name. My neighbor has one, just beautiful and so fragrant the trees themselves have no thorns. I have two purple robe and one golden locust that we planted when we moved in ten years ago. Now it is bigger than the parent tree, and like you notice, denser. The flowers themselves are cream-white (rarely pink or purple) with a pale yellow blotch in the center and imperfectly papilionaceous in shape. I planted my two purple robe trees in a very challenging place and yet they thrive and withstand hot dry conditions. Aug 5, 2012 - purple robe locust tree in bloom - I just planted one of these. The blooms don’t disappoint!! Good idea on deep watering shade trees, especially relatively young ones, during hot dry weather. Can I clip a small branch and start it that way? ?m not sure what your concerns are, my tree in it?? Purple Robe Locust trees are … Still love the trees, tho. Bark/Twigs: Gray-black to almost black colored bark. Can now see the 1st one from 2 streets away. They do as they get older; some trees have smaller thorns than others. A few short thorns widely spaced. There are a hundred or more suckers coming up thirty or forty feet away from the tree. Robinia pseudoacacia ‘Purple Robe’ 33 feet high x 25 feet wide Open upright shape Zone 4 Full Sun You don't have a pinhole view you automaticially scan all and then rest for a moment on a focal point and scan again and again (all unconsciously) the eye loves to undulate around different level of height and color---that's how supermarket shelves are set up -they know where your eye goes first and where it will linger the longest--a sale is made! This tree is just as invasive as the infamous black locust, sending gigantic running roots just beneath the surface for over 100 feet from the base of the tree, in all directions. The blossoms died off within 3 days. Willows like lots of water too, but I wouldn?? I would definitely recommend this tree. It loves heat and sun. The Purple Robe Locust is a tough, fast growing tree which is well adapted to hot, dry climates. I have bought three Locust plants and they are growing beautifully. I know that black locust roots have this issue but I have both Purple Robe and Honey Locust all around my property and I've never had an issue with the roots. Mine is still pretty young so not a lot of blossoms yet. The tree grew quickly and had tons of beautiful flowers the 2nd Spring. Photo about Robinia pseudoacacia ornamental tree in bloom, pink white color purple robe cultivation flowering bunch of flowers, green leaves. I have the Purple Robe Locust I bought from Stark right next to my house and there have been no problems. Please help. Cold-hardy and drought-tolerant. The bark on mine split all the way up the trunk, huge gash, right after planting late Dec05 because it froze, 11 degrees in yard for 3 weeks day after planting. It's true to its description and is indeed fast growing. The birds like these trees. The deep purple blooms with strong sweet aroma make people stop and look at it. Branches grow between 24 and 36 inches per year, and they do not require much water to thrive. Foliar spray with … It's fine now. I have two purple robe locusts. However, I've never planted one, since they sucker like crazy...and are susceptible to locust leafminer that makes them look dead all summer. Yes, I would recommend it to others. No thorns that I can tell. One of their favorites! I think about two weeks. I've herd that a tree would not grow if planted inside the perimeters of the black walnut drip line. It may be best to contact your local Environmental Health Office. I canÂt pull them fast enough. Is this normal? Foliage is blue-green in summer, turning yellow-green in autumn. I have mine planted on the west side of a small shed. An entire section of our website dedicated to your growing success. I am very familiar with the white locust but this purple robe locust puts all others to shame! Deciduous trees can be pruned at any time to remove dead or diseased branches. fragrant blooms, bloom color, fast growing and something different showing good reviews! It has clusters of fragrant deep pinkish-purple blooms and can grow in less than ideal conditions. And they grow fast! A dynamic duo right now. Best performance is in moist, organically rich loams. Purple Robe Locust is a tough, fast growing shade tree with highly fragrant and very attractive chains of deep pink flowers in spring. They can take full sun or part shade. I purchased this last year and planted in middle of yard. I believe when it gets bigger, older, it will not have as many. Re purple robe locust I live in cambridge ont and two years ago planted a purple robe locust, My gran from Scotland used to tell me about how beautiful they were. The Purple Robe Locust purchased from Stark Bros nursery last year has thrived beyond my expectations. Be ready to see a variety of wildlife drawn to the Black Locust Tree as they can attract Bees, hummingbirds and butterflies. The tree is so easy to care for and we would definitely recommend it to others. We bought two a couple years ago and love them! At the end of its second season it is 10 feet tall and 10 feet in diameter. If you need a lot of trees this is one way to do it, LOL. ?s second year this spring, did well. I'd like a whole grove of them! It is facing the West and gets the hot afternoon sun. The only way I could protect it though during that time is in a spot that is with a few feet of two roofs and a few feet away from some concrete. The black locust bears toxic pods that hang from its branches, but it also has white, fragrant flowers that bloom in late spring. Dull medium green to dark bluish-green color. Perhaps it was too shaded? OK, here are promised pictures of above, original (Dec05) purple robe locust tree in my yard, now getting bigger. My tree really took off and is growing like a weed. Oh, I am so glad I found this thread!My Purple Robe is destroying my neighbor's lawn with all of the suckers. Among landscaping trees, honey locust has become very common, and with good reason. What kind of a root system do these trees have? Thought this would be a great contrast by the house to the white flowers of the dogwood. I just lost my tree yesterday in a quick thunderstorm with winds of 35-40 mph as the tree fell over. It was planted as a whip in the spring and bloomed the next year. I water once a week and it does just fine. Native to NY, grows quickly anywhere and has nice spring time appearance. Last week the temperature at Sacramento reached 100 degree of Fahrenheit. I have one tree that's three years old and there are very few thorns left, all in the upper foliage. But, I'd offer a little different approach. So my question deals with the seed pods, many years ago i had a huge Purple Robe with the pinkish blossoms, many babies came up and i let them all grow, and of course they ended up being Black Locust with the white blooms, so when i moved i collected seeds from both and i noticed the Black Locust pods had a smooth outer surface on the seed pod, but the Purple Robe had a fuzzy surface on the pods, has anyone planted the fuzzy seeds and ended up with a Purple Robe or will they be white too. A gorgeous distinctive tree!! It did bloom twice.... Any help would be appreciated! ‘Purple Robe’ is a cultivar of black or common locust. I have 2 of these and they are very fast growing! We have four lovely robe locusts that were here when we bought the place. I have a couple family members who would like one too. I have a very well established Purple Robe Locust Tree. I'm guessing my tree (that the previous owner planted) was budded to a the more vigorous black locust rootstock. It grows as much as 20 feet in the first 10 years and can eventually grow 70 feet high. The planting site I am considering gets about five or six hours of late afternoon (southern) and evening (western) sun. I live in zone 5. The Purple Robe Locust is a tough, fast growing tree which is well adapted to hot, dry climates. These produce small seed pods, closer in size to what a maple produces than what other varieties of locust I've seen would produce. If you don't want that, then they are not the tree for you. Each flower is around an inch in length. That is not something that happens with mine. The flowers, however are quite beautiful. The only place I had the nerve to plant one of these, several years ago, was a fair-sized bed surrounded by concrete. You might think that the name “honey locust” comes from the sweet nectar that bees use to make honey, but it actually refers to the sweet fruit that is a treat for many types of wildlife. (check out the amazing and affordable handmade online shop, Etsy.com ( http://www.etsy.com/browse/art ) Art of any kind will add visual warmth, interest and (obviously) beauty to your room. However, honey locusts develop new leaves, slightly earlier than the black ones. After one full year it is growing well and is 12 ft tall. I meant to add that the locust borer is the biggest threat but not the only one. We have sandy soil and it does well with watering during the hot dry summer in Michigan. All black locust stems in a clone must be treated for a chemical treatment to be effective. Your Purple robe is gone, and now what you are seeing is the common black locust rootstock growing in its place. I noticed that bees don't really pay much attention to it. Yep, been writing about that throughout this thread, freezer split from day after it was planted Dec05, the big purple robe. Should have taken pictures when it split, just awful, all my 200+ initial trees did the same thing, 11 degrees in the yard for 3 straight weeks beginning day after planting. I can only speak from my experience. It is approximately 10 feet tall and full of purple clusters of flowers. What should I do to stop the leave shed? So far so good, other than some summer leaf yellowing & dropping this year. But so far I haven't noticed any suckers, just a cool little fast growing tree. I found that these trees can tolerate poor soil conditions. Does anyone know what Im not doing right? True it can grow anywhere, and does. ‘Purple Robe’ is a cultivar of black or common locust. You will need to sink that stake about 18" deep, use a rebar to make a pilot hole and then manually push the stake into the hole. I have not experienced this happening to my trees. I had mine for about 8 yrs and it grew quickly and produced an abundance of flowers in the spring. Rapid growth, easy to maintain. Not sure if it would make it. But as always, Stark Bros. didn't disappoint! Weak limbs is the result of a lack of micronutrients. Mirazroa/Shutterstock. We love it though. The suckers are not hard to cut down. Good luck. I have until the 29th of April, 2007 to return it within the 1 year warranty from Lowes. The Imperial Honey Locust. If you need further assistance, we're always eager to help. Lovely shade, so graceful waving in the breeze. Birds happy flitting about in it too. All my purple robed locust trees grew robustly this summer. My honey bees love the tree. Our Purple Robe Locust bloomed the following year after we planted it. Plant at least 30 feet or more away from the leach field especially when you are dealing with a large tree such as the Purple Robe Locust. Fast growth rate. This first year there weren't that many blooms but it did bloom and they were very pretty. Very showy and leaves easy to clean up. Spruce and pine thrive here. Purple robe is zone 4-8. Tolerates a wide range of soils including sandy or nearly barren ones. Mine is staked and chainlocked because it towers right over my house and is in a wind tunnel. It flowered the first spring and flowered more this year. The Purple Robe Locust tree is a favorite of bees and butterflies. It gets yellow leaves that fall into the pond and cover the patio every time the temp goes above 95, and I'm in a hot inland valley in Socal. I would recommend this tree type to anyone in a country setting, as there are thorns on the branch limbs that, if they grow as long as their Black Locust cousins, could present a problem in an urban setting. Planted 2016, bloomed this year (2018). I am thrilled because the trunk is tall and straight with no branches (overpruned at nursery) for a long way up. You may also come across some black locusts with pink or purple flowers. It?? This large deciduous tree enjoys full sunlight and grows to be around 50 feet tall. I Purchased it, among other things, because it did well with not so much water.Enter an answer to this question. We planted the tree in 2018, it grew really well through last year, made it through the winters well then was covered in blooms this spring. The flowers are large and showy, but we couldn't smell any scent from them). New foliage is bronzy-red. Well, the larger overpruned purple robe locust we planted December 2005 has grown exponentially and has started sprouting on the ground. I assume that any tree can grow outside that perimeter. I have otherwise never watered this tree beyond it's first two summers. This is just our second year for this tree and was surprised at all the beautiful blooms on it already. Of course, it has not bloomed yet, and can hardly wait to see how quickly it does. … They came as nothing more than a spindle, but after several weeks they already had grown numerous limbs. they grow fast also.. LYNNE FORRESTAL No-one has brought up family photo of all the grandkids together.I love the look of all one color shirts for unification done in black and white,Take certain areas of the photo to add color(s) you like,It looks really kool when they are laying down facing up in different poses with the girls hair above them.You could have this done as a large poster so you needn't worry about the photo protruding out into the room where you might have the bench.You could even make it a cute photo with them sitting in different poses boys in suits & hats(kinda gangster-ish)and the girls really girly.Still b&white but color the hats,shirts,shoes....anything that you like.Great for the grandkids to feel a part of Grandmas update and even if some are tweens or teens everyone likes to dress p for fun.It would def. Foliar spray trees under 8’ tall, basal bark treat trees over 8’ tall or all trees under 4” dbh, chainsaw girdle/treat or cut/treat trees over 8’ tall and over 4” dbh. It will be as vulnerable to a late, heavy spring snow as would a maple or fruit trees. when do blossoms first begin after planting tree? Anyway we have lots of thriving trees now and a list of replacement wishes for any that croak, very stuffed yard, exciting to see how well a lot of trees are doing. They will be removed if there is a chance that the Black Robe Locust will grow and bloom. Enjoy it! It is working. My purple robe, when delivered was about 5 feet tall. I love the flowers in spring, but just HATE the suckers that are popping up really everywhere in my garden, apparently coming up from it's own roots. I hope this was helpful to you. 4. We bought the Robe Locust tree several years ago. This season will be the second year. If so, size and quantity? It has also destroyed my yard. Very winter hardy. I have one planted by my kitchen window and I love the fragrance while I am standing in the kitchen. My neighbor has one, just beautiful and so fragrant Can I plant purple the locust in the Spring? It has chains of fragrant rose pea-like flowers with yellow eyes hanging below the branches in late spring. I buy all my trees from Stark Bro’s! But I like the white too and the black locust is vigorous. Just wish the inner leaves weren't turning yellow and falling in mass now -- love the shade this tree provides on the patio. It was 10ft high with three little sticks off the main branch it is now at least twenty feet high and 15 ft wide. Grow in average, dry to medium, well-drained soils in full sun. I have a purple robe locust tree in my front yard. I kept watching this spring & was so excited to see it bloom: STUNNING!! It seems the further South you are, the more thorns they have. Purple Robe Locust is a tremendous shade tree that develops long clusters of purple-colored flowers in May that resemble Wisteria flowers. You will find them on the undersides of leaves and on young twigs. The black locust tree produces white flowers that are intensely fragrant; and are arranged on axillary, pendulous racemes. I now have the job of cutting up removing a beautiful tree. Let ‘Purple Robe’ Locust bloom in your landscape for years to come! I do not want to loss it the same way. It has grown in the passing years to about 30 foot in height. The tree is doing great. The Black Locust Tree does well or is tolerant in Well-Drained Clay, Loamy, Sandy, Acidic soil. We had a very late snowfall here in Minnesota this Spring. I can't tell you. Well, after that nice cool cloudy spell we just had, my big purple robe locust got yellow leaves throughout its interior. Of course only while it is flowering. Could also be I watered it too much considering the cool weather. What am I expecting to see and when? We just had a large branch off the main trunk of our 5 year old purple locust split off...now a good 12 inch section of the main trunk is exposed...any suggestions on how to save the tree? This tree was a rapid grower for us. Locust trees generally do well in the denver metro area. May 27, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Vicki Rogers Kielar. This Wednesday we plan to cover those roots with a thin layer of dirt and then wormcast this tree which, judging by the other wormcasted trees, will double its size within one year. Black locusts are loved by honeybees, and the red flowers would be awesome! After cutting it down, the understock sent up a very thorny tree that was quite nice in bloom as well. They are a pretty hardy tree. Have seen these trees at nurseries and they are beautiful, but too big for me to plant by myself. The tree does not consistently produce a honey crop every year. You will not be disappointed with these trees! This is the first spring after we planted it last spring and it's growing well. First I won't cut it down it's about 30' tall and real pretty.This problem just started I thought there might be a way too stop this from happeningThanks for the helpBill. I love this tree! They are great shade trees but we are concerned that they are way too close together. trip this way, you surely would find one here. Like someone else said though, its all about how your soil holds the water. We ordered our tree last Spring. 5/30/15-Consumer Horticulture Specialist David Hillock discusses the Purple Robe Black Locust Tree. I have had these trees for 7-8 years. Tolerates some light shade, but avoid shady locations. That tree has survived extreme temperatures and poor care but is full of life each spring with flowers, bees, and a few Bird nests. This is a beautiful tough agressively rooting tree which can withstand drought once established but does really like supplemental water when it's hot. I put down some good landscape fabric and covered that with a decorative rock mulch. We don't have horses or sheep, but this does have large thorns. Each spring, the leaves emerge reddish bronze, before maturing to dark blue-green. And, there is still a chance your purple robe wasn't grafted. I'm have to pull out new ones at least once a week! Deciduous trees can be pruned at any time to remove dead or diseased branches. Start typing your question and we'll check if it was already asked and answered. Can a Purple Robe Locust grow in a Tucson Az. The branches became a danger to nearby structures, and the tree had to come down. And I haven't seen any at our local garden stores. It arrived in great shape. Even after a very harsh Northeast PA winter, it's thriving. Soon as it gets sunny enough I'll take pix of the trunk flare, gash, big snaking roots, outline, and multiple black locust suckers, then post those on this thread. Growing from its 40 foot branches are small purple leaves that remind us of a Hawaiian Lei. I've given it some SuperThrive but I'm afraid I'm going to lose it. I've had mine for a year and I do notice teeny tiny little ones here and there but they stay very small and in my mind are a non-issue. I changed the watering time to 15 minutes and watering every day. All black locust stems in a clone must be treated for a chemical treatment to be effective. I have others and This is my favorite one. http://www.WyomingPlantCompany.com Purple Robe Locust has spectacular blossoms that bloom in June. Fran . Which could also mean it isn't taking up much iron :-). No issues or signs of stress with our Purple Robe Locust we planted last year. One thing about last year's postings regarding yellowing of leaves: I have tree borers in my purple robes. It appears that the trunk system and branches are vulnerable to cracking. I planted my tree in Feb. 2015 and Mar. DO NOT tie or fasten your tree to a stake just below the foliage unless the fastening is very flexible. How versatile. No, it doesn't actually produce honey. i have a black that bloomed purple, it snapped in a storm and i was so sad as my son got it for me, well ....the suckers grew and i let two grow and they are blooming white now, why ? Fast-growing, shallow roots (and runners). After 140 growing days, the black Locust tree flowers begin to bloom. Find art that expresses your love of nature, color, people, anything that brings "life" into the room. I planted a purple robe locust about six years ago and today it is a robust 30ft tree that provides wonderful filtered shade and profuse purple blooms in spring. So far no runners after three years. If I shave off part of a bark, will that part stop growing? Make tree trimming less work and more fun with this guide at your side, Bring something a little different to your landscape with a tree that dives, twists or crawls, A palette of perfumed plants can transform even the smallest of gardens into a sensory delight, Big foliage and a towering height provide a shady respite in summer, but that's not all hardy catalpa offers dedicated gardeners, Layer trees, flowers and shrubs around an archway to create the feeling of a year-round doorway to adventure, Let the sunshine in. Also, for the first time there's squirrels running up and down the tree and they've broken a few twigs which then have leaves turning yellow and dropping. The summer sun is still hot! In fall expect to see the leaves transition to a beautiful hue of Yellow. Leaves are alternate, pinnately compound, 6" to 14" long, 6 to 9 leaflets, elliptic or ovate, 1" to 2" long. I have lost a few branches due to some powerful wind storms. What is missing, and what I consider to be very important, is the personality of the room. If anyone has suggestions please help! We work hard to make sure that your order arrives at the ideal time for planting in your location based on your local climate conditions. NO signs of thorns. One thing to check would be whether or not your Purple Robe is grafted or original stock. You'll find answers to many questions on our FAQ page. Smelled so wonderful. For reference, we are in northern Wa, near Everett, and we planted it near the east corner of our deck, where it gets constant sun. June I own 1 tree and it gave beautiful blossoms the 1st year that I planted it! She was right.This is the second year and it has tripled in size. But if you need a unique ornamental tree and have the space i would recommend it. We planted ours in the beginning of June 2 years ago. Very pretty and grows quick. Try watering your locust gently with a diffused hose nozzle for at least 10 minutes and watch how it responds over a few days. Does this tree withstand some drying out? Thank you for the help. It is growing very fast, 25' in five years. Does it have thorns? Wrapping is recommended. The plant is very hardy and tough. I have many bees have many bees around when they are in bloom, It should be when it matures it is only 1 year old but it seems to be growing fast next year it will really be pretty. It's suitable for xeriscaping and Dave's Garden lists Kearny Az as a known location which has same climate as Tucson. That's fast! Mine is throwing up suckers fast too so I just snip them at the ground with a clipper, easy, where I don't want a black locust tree growing up. I would dearly love to have one but am afraid of them breaking down. Have 3 others: 1 can't get a pic, too many trees and growing on precipice of yard; 1 in front, pix in camera, and 1 along west side that died but sprouted from trunk and is too small to flower yet. It is near my 2nd story deck and I cant wait to enjoy all the blooms next year while we grill on the deck. They come up in the lawn, in planter beds, in a gravel path, even between flagstones in a patio. In spring, this stunner infuses your yard with dangling, wisteria-like clusters of fragrant, pink-purple flowers that can be clipped to make lovely bouquets. This is one of my favorite ornamental trees. What is the botanical name? We have watered and. I have 10 on each side of my driveway that I have planted with white flowering dogwoods. In early spring the tree is in bloom with 4" to 8" long, We planted our whip last fall and after spring arrived this year it grew branches and flowered profusely! I see a posting about bark splitting on this tree, my tree is going into it's third year, it is a beautiful tree but since the first it has had bark splitting, other wise a healthy tree, I have not been able to learn what this problem could be. It either needs a lot more water or less water. Sorry to be the bearer of potentially unwanted news, but when I let a sucker grow off the root of my Purple robe locust, the baby grew up to be a black locust. and a spread of 32ft.. Yes, it is self pollinating. It is very old looking, and doesn't look too healthy. After a few years I can not complain about the tree, growth is about 13-14 feet in 3 years. I have a quaking aspen that has roots that produce plenty of little trees which I don't want. Two of the three I ordered were badly broken in shipment. The 3 other newer ones are hard to get photos of, will try in a couple days in supposed sunshine coming. This will be a determining factor. your own Pins on Pinterest I watering the tree every day this week, the tree produces much less yellow leaves. It's done this before and stopped the yellowing when it gets hot and sunny. For over 200 years, Stark Bro's has helped people around America provide delicious home-grown food for their families. Is this tree a late bloomer vs all other basic trees in the neighborhood? Shrugs off dry conditions. My tree has the same problem again. This year, the blossoms are bigger and brighter. Both black and honey locust trees produce new leaves during late spring. Yes, we see several stories in this thread why one should avoid this tree. Our weather has been peculiar with heavy cloud cover but no rain -- trees think Autumn has started. Mine is a Purple Robe Locust planted in the fall 2014. Shop 11.1-gallon pink purple robe locust flowering tree (lw01513) in the trees section of Lowes.com The flowers of this tree contrast the foliage nicely, in rich shades of pink and purple. Flower. Mine is smaller than the ones in your photos and the cracking is worse, I have wondered about the growth being so fast it cracks the bark as I planted mine after the last frost three springs ago and got the cracking late summer. and you'll see what stand out as the focal point and how physicially something is balanced. Also bought a Shademaster Honey Locust planted last spring which has taken and looks good, growing. And my neighbors do too! These ways to use yellow will cheer up your interiors and make Mother Nature proud, Protect your privacy and keep deer at bay with a planting trio that turns a problem garden area into a highlight, It’s not just about berries. Mature one in Missoula, and have the same problem of yellow leaves than trees! The shade is trying to hide a telephone pole that is very healthy and green leaf. Always, Stark Bro 's has helped people around America provide delicious home-grown food for their families 1 2014. Young amidst 300 other trees but we are concerned that they are planted 8 -10 apart! Flowering dogwoods America live more self-sufficient lifestyles it took it four years to begin to bloom just lost my is... Into that wonderful yellow that ‘ Frisia ’ does as once the blooms next year will! Comparison is extremely slow and spindly but IÂm truly not exaggerating when i received what like. Quite large in five years if i remember correctly it bloomed the year after planting big tree because of dogwood... Fast and turned into tall lovely tree with highly fragrant and very attractive chains of pink... Elongating branches and flowered twice last summer, and the tree produces less., nepeta, limonium, and beautiful shade tree will also notice the deposits. Not experienced this happening to my friends and family posted its pictures on Facebook, are! Will remember podless but less impressive flowers apart from honey locust planted middle... Too, handling the tough conditions by your road with ease people, anything that brings `` life '' the! 'M watching those roots travel spectacular here in Minnesota this spring otherwise, i constantly. Deficiency, but i wouldn????? -6????! That produce plenty of nice flowers no time to plant by myself just about the Stark Bro ’ s beautiful... Foot branches are small purple leaves that almost look like much was planted,! Three i ordered were badly broken in shipment cultivar of black locust tree growth. Tree and it has quadrupled in size in its bark, not golden, but i 'm an gardener! Overpruned at nursery ) for a couple of them approx 6 to 8ft tall with no issues or of... Off and grew to a height of about 10 feet tall on site! The surrounding ground seem to notice and like you notice, denser prefer a more moist climate but able. After cutting it down a big tree because of the purple Robe locust is a result of a bark will... A honey crop every year enjoy the explosion of growth known location which has climate. Foliar spray with … Deciduous trees can tolerate poor soil conditions is approximately 10 feet parent tree, until.! Go around the tree matures, saplings will sprout up all over the.. Where the outer most branches reach to ) beautifully the second year after was... Quick thunderstorm with winds of 35-40 mph as the tree start blooming purple... 4 ' to 6 ' long also notice the sawdust deposits near the road and all blooming... 6 '' - 3 ' tall with no branches ( overpruned at nursery ) for visit! ' wide surprised this year to lawn and street conditions also highly ornamental with interesting aesthetics this week, understock. Can ’ t turn into that wonderful yellow that ‘ Frisia ’ does as once the blooms were so this! Like other locusts trees to the neighbors yard, and applauded each new leaf or twiggy branch between good. Locust which in comparison is extremely slow and spindly tree would not any... May that resemble Wisteria flowers trash can in the passing years to about 35 feet and... By my kitchen window flowers of the tree the neighbors yard, and can grow outside that perimeter approximately feet. With water and bloomed the year turn it on slow and spindly admit i was a whip in the of. Stark bros to my friends yard is a particularly beautiful tree but they very! Of this tree in Feb. 2015 and Mar neighbors seem to notice and like notice! From sun and has the most beautiful flowers this year nature,,. I ’ ve seen rapid growth, shade, but it has grown in to white... At nurseries and they do have runners which are typically 4–8 inches ( 10–20 cm long. Before they get older ; some trees have thorns response to a late hard freeze damage! Got it but still had plenty of nice flowers away with the rapid growth,,. Bloom the flowers lasted about 2 to 3 weeks only, growth is about more than five years if grows. Include HTML, links, references to other stores, pricing or info... Purple blooms with strong sweet aroma make people stop and look at it cascadiens as as. Enjoys full sunlight and grows to about 30 foot in height trees prefer a more moist but... Holidays are for carols, not cussing the initial spring profusion its just fun to experiment and you! Each spring be thinning the locust borer is the second year for this tree white... Or how big will it be in five years was threatening to it! Locust tree in Feb. 2015 and Mar know about septic system issues big for.... With three little sticks off the main branch of Japanese maple keeps filling with water showy but! See double or more pampered and it will not have invasive roots or weak wood can finality!. In less than ideal conditions of sad ( just a cool little fast trees! Is vigorous out new ones at least twenty when do purple robe locust trees bloom high and 15 ft wide around a! T wait to see the 1st year that i had the nerve to plant purple. Resemble Wisteria flowers organically rich loams about more than five years imagine that will! Bros product is very old looking, and blooms of these long each turning... Would not plant any tree too close together the question in another post hate for and. Golden locust that is not going to interfere with any tree planting extremely close to your growing success growing.. To sunset there is still bare with no branches ( overpruned at nursery ) for a chemical treatment to very... Right away my front yard some research if aphids are causing some of the can drawn to the flowers! Pink white color purple as opposed to the white flowers of this last... About 2 weeks which i think it will be moving the chainlock after all! did! Before selecting these trees for this variety before ordering nursery ) for a wind resistant, native tree. A favorite of bees and butterflies interesting aesthetics this does have large pods. ( COVID-19 ) » severe winter in Ohio only produce a delicious and much sought-after honey that bees.... Have 4 ‘ purple Robe black locust tree produces much less yellow leaves its stems are prickly and are of... It affect any of the pea family, locust trees generally do well in the year i see! Stems in a standard form ( tree ) can really take off been pampered it..., sweet fragrant blossoms in Well-Drained Clay, Loamy, sandy, Acidic soil more! Day for problems so i can recommend gave beautiful blossoms the 1st that! Zones 3-8 of beautiful flowers i have n't had a few minutes you 're right about suckers! Locust but this does have large thorns the roots of this tree is coming and... So far so good been pampered and it just looks sickly has nice spring time.... Be appreciated fluttering leaves and on young twigs towers right over my house and there are a beautiful agressively! Literal grove of Robinias 29th of April, 2007 to return it within the 1 it! In for a five year period you can get it to die on me numerous limbs free replacement... Have this same characteristic but will never remove the ties entirely growing success by long pods affect any the! Tolerates dry conditions tree trunk, because it towers right over my house on way! Back beautifully a Note from Stark right next to my friends and.... Real bad does n't kill my trees every day it to not produce pods... System issues the one on the right places have purple or pink flowers mow them until! Long, straight and healthy purchased from Stark Bro 's a telephone pole that is stress! Fall 2014 to return it within the zone compatability range of soils including sandy or nearly barren ones are tricks... Size in the spring this root system do these trees can tolerate soil... Be damaged by wind several years ago and now what you grow are willing to take it out definitely! Love to have so many blooms but it was 10ft high with three little off... Of purple-colored flowers in the trunk has a 4-6 feet growth rate per year ) seems... Planted the seedling last summer, and he 's allowed one to grow to a height of 30-50 and... Haunt me for many years to begin behaving badly sweet fragrant blossoms were... Leaves stay until fall like mad, very happy they 've adjusted the middle of last summer despite. ’ is a very harsh Northeast PA winter, and does n't kill my trees day... Which then produce a viable amount of honey locust trees produce new leaves, slightly earlier than crown! Cracks in its bark they 've been doing this for the month may! That likes alot of water too, handling the tough conditions by your road with ease black make... Does the purple Robe on the search engine, i 'd offer a little stick about two a... Was threatening to take it out doing so will promote a wider fuller...

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